Nikon 16MP Digital Camera w/18x Opt Zoom

3.4 Star Reviews

So how easy is this bad boy to turn on and take decent pictures.

In other words can I quickly hit power, point and snap and have a great picture or would it be recommended to screw with settings beforehand?

OH and I heard a good lens can make the camera a great camera. Is this lens any good or should I stick to a camera with a carl zeiss. (Still looking in the point and shoot category)

Well it’s a good idea to take it out of your pocket/case first…

Lets watch “Very Good” review on this camera

I’m not so sure, its refurbished…


I just bought one from Costco a few months ago. It’s not very fun if you know your way around exposure. That, or I still can’t friggin’ figure out how to friggin’ use Aperture priority! Is it that friggin’ hard to have that function?!
But for the quick picture at a party it’s fantastic, which is what I bought it for. I can take pictures (pocket to picture) in probably 4 or 5 seconds. They turn out, mostly. It has a problem with oversharpening, but you’re not likely to notice at facebook levels. Let me know if anyone else has any questions on use.

The best place for Camera Reviews is:DP Reviews - S9300

1/2 price for a refurb is fairly decent since it is a Nikon. The 18x optical zoom would work well for a travel camera too.

In for 1

Sit back and watch this review (with sample images) courtesy of that nikon guy [youtube=fOWOjAPdJGs][/youtube]

If I had a Benji to blow, I’d be in for one.

(That phrase sounded cool in my head, but it comes across as kind of obscene. It’s staying regardless. No shame!)

Yeahhhhhh. That… I just don’t know.

That’s awesome… How could you not blow a Benji on this camera. Oh, look at his sweet innocent face! Sold!

Hmmmm… given the specs this sounds like a pretty decent deal - just like the old Woot we grew to love when this site first started. So I know it says 6.9 frames a second up to 7 frames (???) okay sounds fast enough but one thing I have discovered about cameras at this price point is just because it can knock off 6 or 7 in a second that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lag between pushing the shutter button and having the thing actually take the picture. Does this camera have any of that lag when you want to shoot in single frame mode? If it doesn’t have any lag or not enough to be concerned about i just might be in for one assuming it doesn’t sell out which it very well might given its a Nikon and all…

Have been very happy with the S6000 model I got a couple of years ago. I’ve had previous Nikon point-n-shoots – film and digital – and have found them to work well. For this price I might get it just to have a spare…

Well i got a 9300 and it was defective so I dont know if it was that great or not.i ended up going cheaper and getting the 6300 nikon. It is really really slow! It usually takes good photos, but if you meet a celeb and have to be quick, it is horrible! It only has a 10x zoom and when I take it to concerts and such it is grainy, and took it to a movie premiere and the pics were not so good, then the camera defected because, come to find out, there are very few acceptable memory cards that do not break the camera!
I just hope the 9300 is quicker! I don’t think I will chance one again with only a 90 day warranty, not reassuring!

I’ve had a S8200 for 6 months. Similar camera, but these specs are slightly higher. Mine has instant on, and almost no shutter lag. It takes very good photos for a point and shoot. The only downside is that it is a little heavy for a pants pocket. I’ve gotten used to leaving it in a case held by my belt. Except for really fine work, I’ve all but abandoned my Nikon DSLR.
I think this is a great deal for the price.

I realize this is good small point-and-shoot that they added a nice big lens and a pop-up flash to.

But when I saw it, it looked like one of those really cheap fixed focus 35mm cameras from the 20th century. The kind you would get for signing up for something, or listening to a time share spiel.

I bought one of these to tote around on trips for when I don’t want or have time to pull out the DSLR, I’m pretty happy with it and it fulfilled that role quite well. Very nice pics and a whole lot of cool features. Most used for me include panorama (which works nicely) and chroma key. It is pretty particular about how it likes to be charged though … a real problem when I don’t plan so well.