Nikon 16MP Digital Camera w/18x Opt Zoom

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**Item: **Nikon 16MP Digital Camera w/18x Opt Zoom
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Check out some more info at the product page says this camera is “fair”

Conclusion on dpreview with pros and cons.

Bought mine when it was $100 on here, and I’ve been very happy. For what it’s worth, I’m not a high-power camera expert or anything. But the 18x optical zoom is amazing, the Macro is very clear, and the camera is easy to use.

dpreviewers best advice:
Overall, I found that the Coolpix S9300 is a decent travel zoom camera, but there are several competitors that I think are better choices. While it does offer a nice point-and-shoot feature set, the mediocre photo quality, poor battery life, and other annoyances prevent me from recommending it.

Mediocre picture quality is a deal killer. Who buys a camera to take mediocre pictures?

Yeah but the top rated review gave it only 2 out of 5 stars!

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2.0 out of 5 stars Nikon Guy finds S9300 mediocre and over priced May 6, 2012
By E. Hall
Style Name:S9300 w/ GPS|Color Name:Black
I’m sure I either have a bad copy…or some of the reviewing users here haven’t put it through it’s paces.

My problems:

  1. S9300 will not lock focus when zoomed at or near it’s maximum.
  2. Selecting one of the Auto ISO ranges…125-800 ISO causes the camera to select very low shutter speeds, so that even with vibration reduction, if you are shooting people, the imgages are soft…appearing OOF…out of focus. (Unacceptable for this price range.)
  3. The facial recognition feature, if used on anything but faces…will most often select something other than what you want to focus on…and since this is a menu driven feature, if you’re switching between sceens, like at a birthday party, it’s a pain to use.
  4. Generally speaking, the images leave a lot to be desired across the board. And, this is the general consensus of online reviews…rating the camera a “C” as very average. I have to agree.
  5. Portrait mode is way too cool…and there is no way to adjust the color temp in any mode except Auto. Or from the menu when in Auto…again, for the price, this is unacceptable.
  6. And this is a biggie…I have lost confidence in the camera’s ability to capture the shots that I want.

I tried to like it…I shot over 200 images…and very few were keepers. I had a Canon Elf S600…and it took better images than this model…and the Canon S600 is 4 years old.

Is this the waterproof one?

I have the S9100, which is the model this one replaced and is pretty similar. Mine is a great little camera, I got it mainly because it has a whole lot of lens in a small package: you can zoom way in from far away, and you can use the wide angle settings to get everybody in the shot without backing up thru that wall your back is up against.

Not up to SLR quality, but still takes great pictures in most situations. If you’re gonna make prints that are 10x14 or bigger, use a good SLR instead. But who uses a little camera to do that anyway?

The so-so reviews are written with the mindset that it’s a $250+ camera. At that price, there might be better choices, beats me. But for $80, this thing is an absolute steal. If I didn’t have one already, I’d be sure to grab one at this price.


That review is no longer relevant since at $80 this camera is no longer “over priced” (it used to cost $300+). It is now a bargain…

Exactly right. When it was introduced last year at the list price, the camera was poor compared to comparably priced competitors. For $79 it’s a good deal, as long as you understand you’re getting a snapshot camera that will never take a high quality photograph.

Actually, it will take great photographs in many, many circumstances. The only people who say otherwise are spec-shoppers, not photographers.

Photo-reviewers search to find the limits of the camera, and they do. While there are situations that will expose weaknesses, it is simply false to say it won’t take great photographs. It will.

Dude, I am a photographer. I get paid to take photographs. I’ve won awards at photo exhibitions. Your description of photo equipment review web sites is wrong. These folks depend on the good will of manufacturers like Nikon and Canon. They have experience testing hundreds of different cameras every year. The last thing they want to do is trash a camera from a major manufacturer unfairly. If they say it takes mediocre photos, they are going to be darn certain that’s the truth before they publish.

Dude,I dismiss any comment that starts with the word “Dude”.

That gps feature is some scary stuff, especially if you take and post pictures of your kids on the InterWeb. I mean, a bad guy could see pictures of your kid, teenage daughter, or who ever, and find our where they go to school, play, shop, or whatever and do what 'bad guys" do.

Can the GPS be turned OFF? If so, does it stay off 'til you turn it back on again, or do you have to turn it off every time you turn the camera on?

Anyone want to recommend a better pocket camera at this price?