Nikon D3200 24.2MP DSLR w/ 18-55mm Lens

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Nikon D3200 24.2MP DSLR w/ 18-55mm Lens
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Q:“Will this be a good enough camera for me to shoot weddings?”

A: Only if you are a fauxtographer.

Please learn your craft BEFORE attempting to shoot other peoples’ once in a lifetime events as the PRIMARY photographer.

[A public service message from a guy who sees this all too often.]

Excellent Reviews over at Best Buy

I have this camera! Its definitely takes great photos. The amount of settings you can change are amazing. As a newer hobbyist photographer, this was a break through camera frame for me. You still need to have soft lighting and complex backgrounds for a good photo. This is a quality website with awesome how-to tips:

In summary, no this camera won’t make you a professional. However, if you are debating if you want to go pro, this is an excellent first camera to learn on. So far I’ve sold 3 photos and I’ve had the camera 6 months.

CNET Review.

Does this have the auto-focus motor built into the body like my D50?

No, I believe this utilizes the motor built into the lens (AF-S) lens. So for full auto, you would need to make sure your lenses are AF-S. An AF lens may auto to a point, but you would need to manually fine tune it. Still totally worth it for an amazing camera.

I bought a DSLR last summer, and narrowed my list down to this camera vs. a Canon t5i.
The primary reason I chose the Canon over this Nikon was size. The D3200 is a smaller form factor than the t5i, as well as the Nikon D5200 which is the D3200 bigger brother. I bring this up because it may likely be an advantage over the Canon if you have smaller hands. This camera felt much more comfortable for my wife than does the t5i, as an example.

Two quick points based on my shopping experience:
-The D3200 has a technically superior sensor as compared to the t5i, but honestly they both capture fantastic images.
-They both have a very large number of lenses that you can purchase for them, and they both allow for a great deal of control just like the film SLR’s I used when learning photography. I highly recommend shelling out $150ish or so for a “nifty fifty” lens as soon as you purchase a camera like this. It is the best bang for your buck in terms of image quality and makes a good portrait lens.

  • Consider a “mirrorless” camera. They have a sensor which is physically the same size as those found in consumer level DSLR’s. Think of this sensor as a microchip which is your “film”. Folks may remember the difference in quality between a 35mm camera and a 110 or 126 camera. For similar reasons a larger sensor in a digital camera captures better images - more surface area from which to collect the light.

It’s bound to be better than those little cardboard throw away cams that were so popular years ago.

I use this camera for work! I do PR for a medical center and we’ve used pictures from it on brochures and magazine covers. It takes great photos if you know how to use it, and pretty good ones even just in auto mode. I love it because it is smaller than the old DSLR I had, which weighed a ton. This takes better photos and is so much easier to carry.

The camera is merely a tool. Just like fancy shoes will not make you a pro basketball player, no camera will make you a photographer. You need to learn how to use camera to help you achieve the vision you set out to create.

You can’t go wrong with nikon Cameras.

Why not the 5200??! Gah! Injustice.

This is what I use to shoot weddings I don’t want to be at:

$315 at Abes of Maine with (free shipping) for the exact same camera and lens.

Woot is overpriced on this one.

I have the D3000, which takes beautiful photos. I also used a D70 at a newspaper several years ago (I’m a reporter; we used the older cameras when the photographer couldn’t be there, and we always went for this one first) and it was a workhorse.

This would be a nice upgrade from the D3000, although already having a good camera with no real need to upgrade, I think I’d prefer to buy a newer model. But if all I had was my Canon S5 IS point-and-shoot (which is great in its own right), I’d probably consider this one pretty hard.

Check again, you are correct with $315, but the one with VR lens which is same as Woot, is $375.

Good ol’ Abe’s of Maine is selling a Grey Market no warranty import, that if you actually try to buy it, you’ll get a call to bait and switch you into buying a US model that is $100+ higher.

Yes, I actually tried. This is the best price for the camera I’ve seen (Bought it at this price a few weeks ago from Woot)

If you see it less than this, it’s an import with no warranty, and NikonUSA repair shops won’t touch it.

I have this camera, bought from Amazon just 18 months ago. I won a Virginia Press Association award for a picture I took with it just recently.

It is a good first DSLR. I’m learning a lot from it. As a local newspaper reporter I take my own photographs. This camera is so much beyond the Kodak point and shoot I had prior to it.

At this price it is well worth buying.

Come on dude, this is America a wedding isn’t a once in a liftime moment anymore… It happens what 2 or 3 times for most people sometimes even more often.