Nikon D90 Digital SLR w/ 18-105mm Lens



I’ve got this camera, got it a few years ago, GREAT camera! I think I paid something similar for it back then, perhaps a little bit more. Nothing but pleased.


I’ve found the reviews at the following site to be very helpful, and they offer same pictures taken with the specific camera to give you an idea of its capabilities. If I didn’t already have a nice Nikon (which I love), I would go here , check out the specs, and come back to Woot to take the deal!

A direct link to the sample pictures can be found here:


$731 @ Ryther Camera: Different lens though… This one at Woot zooms in more (18-55 vs 18-105).

$769 for the 18-105


I’ve used this camera since it came out and have nothing but high praise for it. The included lens is pretty solid; I’ve also bought the 105mm macro lens for nature pics and the 70-300mm zoom for better telephoto work. It’s also compatible with the Lensbaby lenses if you want to experiment with effects similar to tilt-shift. And there are tons of accessories.

It will take a good long while to outgrow this camera. Fantastic performer and it’s even survived a couple of chest-level drops.

Thanks to the freshly returned and ever-vivacious ThunderThighs for OKing a link to my site, pixelsbybob. When the site loads, you’ll be on the first of the two pages in the “Top 40” section. Feel free to poke around, especially if it helps persuade you to buy this great camera!


That is the same camera, much cheaper lens. Here is the comparable camera and lens: $769, much better deal to get the 18-105 lens.

Edit: The linked retailer does appear to be selling “gray” market items. You’ll receive the camera, but don’t expect much assistance if you need warranty help.


The 18-55mm is usually the standard “cheap” kit lens, which is a good place to start for most beginners. Darn, wished I had waited…just bought a Canon to replace my nikon P&S.


I have the Nikon D50, D80, & D90 and will agree that the D90 is a great camera, however firmware and SD card technology has already made my older D50 a shelf camera…and I’m afraid that the D90 is about 5-7 years from being in the same boat, with SDXC cards already here. As most DSLR camera’s are considered an investment we can only hope for a firmware upgrade…otherwise stock up on SDHC cards NOW!!!


this is an excellent camera. has been for quite some time.
my advice, however is that one look at the d5100 at the same time for the same money (with this lens) or spend a few hundred more and get the best enthusiast camera ever made - the d7000.


Why would someone want this camera over a D5100 or D7000?

I thought Costco was selling the D7000 for ~$900 but after looking again it is the D5100. Still the D7000 seems similarly priced to the D90 but is much better.

Also rates the other two cameras better than the D90. Are there key features that the D90 has that make it superior to the 7000 and 5100?


While the D90 is a great camera, I think everyone looking should be asking themselves that same question. I’ve used the D80, D90, D5100, and D7000 and the D7000 is the best of the bunch by far. Just spend a few hundred more and get a camera you’ll absolutely love for years to come. I wouldn’t be disappointed with a D90 if that’s what you can afford but if you get a chance to play with a D7000 afterwards you’ll definitely feel a bit lusty.


A great question. I hope the photography guru’s have some answers.


The D90 will autofocus screw-mount lenses, while the D5100 will not. That’s important if you use lenses that do not have the built-in (AF-S) motor. Most lenses made by Nikon today are AF-S, so this isn’t a big deal. The D90 is larger than the D5100, but about the same size as the D7000 - but neither are huge.

The D5100 and D7000 have the same sensor - which is far superior to that of the D90. This means the D90 will not perform nearly as well in lower light as the two newer cameras.

I’ve been shooting with Nikon for about 25 years and have owned just about every DSLR that they’ve ever made - including the three I just mentioned. But I sold the D90 in favor of the D5100…which I sold to buy the D7000 for a lightweight travel camera. It’s the best option, but it’s just a bit more expensive.


Is this lens one of those cheepie lenses with all plastic parts? Does it at least have a metal bayonet mount?

Any idea of the viewfinder magnification? Is it 1X with at 35mm lens?

That means I can put my EL-Nikkor screw mount lens and it can turn it into autofokus? Does it have a rubber roller on the outside that turns the fokus nawb?


dont worry, canon is great. I have the t2i and love it…but i wannna get a 7d!


If this is New, I’m wondering why it comes with a “90 Day Woot Limited Warranty” and not a Nikon USA warranty. I thought a 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty usually accompanies refurbished products.


I recently purchased the D5100 and I am quite happy with it. As a few others have pointed out the D5100 and D7000 share the same higher megapixel sensor with better low light performance. The advantages of the D90 over the D5100 are the ability to use an older generation of auto focus lenses which are often much cheaper than the newer versions (although AF performance is often slower) as well as better controls to manage settings. The advantages over the D7000 are the price and arguably a simpler user experience. This is not from my own experience, but from reading dozens of reviews for both cameras. There are a large number of reviews that suggest there are issues with the D7000 that are either a quality control problem on Nikon’s part and/or a complexity of design that causes users to struggle with getting good images based on the various settings for exposure and auto focus control. The included lens is actually very good but does have a plastic mount so it is not as durable as some other more expensive options.

Bottom line, if you either already have some older AF lenses or do mostly outdoor shooting in bright light this is a great deal. Otherwise you might want to look closer at the D5100.


While I agree that the d7000 is the best ‘enthusiast’ camera out there, given that it outperforms all but the very latest of pro and semi-pro bodies in several areas, I think the suggestion that the 5100 is in some way superior to the D90 must be a bad joke and I’m just not getting the punchline.

For it’s intended audience, the D90 is a superb camera, and the 5100 is a toy. The 5100 doesn’t even have a focus motor, which means it can only use the latest lenses with built in focus motors, forcing you to spend 2-3 times as much for a brand new lens when some of the older lenses like the nikon 50mm f1.8D can be bought used for a song and have far better image quality than their newer counterparts unless you’re willing to spend an arm and a leg.

The 5100 also has grossly stipped down controls, making it a poor choice for any serious photographer.

If you want a camera that looks and feels like a small SLR, but plan to leave it in auto or program mode most of the time and don’t want to actually learn how a real camera work, the 5100 will certainly take better pictures.

If you want a real SLR that will help you bridge the gap between toys like the 5100 and the pro/semi-pro bodies like the 300s, 800, 4 and the rumored 400, the D90 is the way to go. Of course, the other good option would be to bite the bullet and buy the 7000. It’s a lot more money, but it is better than the 90.

As for the low-light and resolution comments several people have made, lets be realistic. Digital SLR cameras surpassed the capabilities of film in both areas years ago. Yes, the 5100 has somewhat better low-light performance, but it’s the difference between being able to take a goo picture in a cave with nothing but a candle, or the ability to take a picture in a cave with nothing but two candles. Buy a few decent lenses, and you’ll never turn your ISO above 1000 or 1200 again anyway. As for the resolution, 35mm film, which is good enough for movie posters and billboards, is roughly the equivalent of a 6mp digital. Years ago I shot weddings with a 6.2MP camera and nobody had one negative word to say about the quality. Of all possible considerations, the resolution of the sensor is generally the least important outside of a marketing campaign.


i’m in market currently for a D7000. Did match and cross reference and read 100’2 of reviews for D700, D5100 and D90 and D7000 is out standing and will out perform the other 2. My friend is a photography major along with making and editing videos and she showed me some of the shots she took with D7000 and its mind blowing.

  1. D90 has only one slot for SDHC card vs D7000 where u can install 2 cards and use them simultaneously.

  2. D7000 has comes with dual motors that prevents shaking of pictures vs only 1 on a D90.

  3. D90 has no dust guard(weather seal) vs D7000 which has one.

  4. Shutter speed on D7000 is 4 times faster D90, i think its 1/8000 vs 1/4000(D90)

  5. D90 has no contrast detection vs D7000 which has one.

  6. Biggest and probably the best advantage D7000 has over D90 is that D7000 has full 1080P HD vs only 720P for D90

  7. D90 shoots at 4.5s fps vs 6s for D7000

  8. D90 gives you only 850 shoots on a single battery charge vs 1050 shots for D7000.

  9. D90 is a 12.2 MP vs 16.1MP for D7000

  10. oh before i forget, D7000 has an external mic jack while no such option is available on D90

  11. for extra $200 that you will spend on warranty anyways its crazy not to buy a new D7000 that already come with a 1 year warranty.

  12. D7000 is the only nikon camera in mid level range that is capable of capturing a continuous 20 min video.

  13. D90 is an entry level DSLR vs D7000 which is a mid level DSLR. D7000 is for those who are serious about their camera and quality of pictures they take.


I have had the D90 with a 50mm 1.8 prime for the last 4 years. Loved every second of it. My FIL has the canon equivalent and when ever I have used it it was just not as nice as my D90.
He is a canon freak that has “never” used anything but… Well the first time he held my D90 you could tell he was wishing it was his. He spent most the day “trying it out” and trying to point out flaws. But for soemone who thought his was better he sure never put it down. :wink:

I have dropped the D90 a few times even and it has yet to have anything go wrong. One time it even fell about 5 feet!

The lens that comes with this is a so so at best. At an f/3.5 you are not going to have much luck in low lights. Think well lit room at the darkest.
A good flash will help this but really this is a outdoor daytime lens.

If you are even thinking about using this for indoor non-flash you are going to need a prime.

But again, the 50mm 1.8 prime is a great place to start and learn from. Plus it will only set you back about 100$. (85$ ish used)
For it coming with a lens (even a kit lens) this is a nice price.
You might find a bit better if you waited till black Friday but this is not a bad deal.

I paid 900$ new 4 years ago. Good solid camera to own.

Also, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson if you have never had a slr before.
It will help you a great deal to get better photos from it.