Nikon S9700 16MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera

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Nikon S9700 16MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera
Price: $149.99
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Time to check out the product page and check out this “very good” review over at Cnet

In the box includes the AC power adapter but in description it says not included. Please verify?

[MOD: Charger is included. Specs fixed. Thanks!]

I own this camera (was a gift). It’s amazing. It fits the niche between point and shoot and DSLR cameras. It has many options like geo-tagging and generating its own wifi connection. There’s an app to control the camera, view, or transfer images (back and forth) with the connected device. I once took a picture from the 14th floor of people 2 blocks away and could make out decent versions of their faces.

After having used it, I would totally buy this camera. This review from PhotographyBlog helped me understand the camera well.

There’s no full manual in the box, but here’s a digital version from Nikon.

4.6 Stars over at B&H Photo

Just bought this as a back up camera for an upcoming trip to South Africa. Amazing camera. The telephoto is great and very easy to use.

General observation:
There are a number of “universal” chargers for proprietary batteries that have two movable pins. You line them up to the contacts on the battery and they automatically adjust the polarity and voltage/amps to charge the cell.

I have used them on many batteries, as I find 14 MP cameras with no charger very cheap ($5-$10) at pawn shops, etc.

I bought this last time on woot. A couple items to note. First, the wifi - it only works with an app on your smartphone or tablet. Don’t think you can connect it to an AP and upload photos/videos directly to flickr or youtube. Nope. You have to start the wifi listener on the camera, connect to IT from your device, run the app, connect the app, and then do the limited functions that the app allows (transfer photos). Its easier to just pull the sd card out and put it in the phone or tablet, in my opinion. Other issue, focus when zooming. It has a hard time getting a good focus when zooming. The good - fast start up/shut off, good overall pic quality, good battery life w/wifi off.

Does anyone know if this camera has a good macro function? My wife just started a business making small pieces that need to be photographed clearly from close up, and she’s looking for a camera that can do this (any and all other features are moot).

I purchased a Woot Samsung last year because an outside review said it had a good macro function…and it doesn’t. So now she’s looking for one that does, and in more or less this price range.

Anyone here have any personal experience regarding this that they can share? Thanks!

Each maker defines how close “macro” is, so try to find a manual and read the specs. Also, don’t expect to set the lens on telephoto AND macro, as it usually only gets close on wide angle.

But it can be made to work. I shot some nice details if beads with a modest Sony and good backlit setup.

Thanks for that, RJ.

My wife uses a lightbox setup with the tripod mounted camera set to around f3 and ~25mm. So no telephoto usage here. The concern is that with the lens about 3 - 4 inches away, it can’t handle it. Any farther away and the zoom comes into play, with loss of sharpness.

The photoblog review linked in a previous comment says this Nike can handle an impressive 1cm distance, which would be exactly what she’s looking for. I thought I would ask here first is if any Wooters had personal experience with this camera’s macro function to see if it jibes with the review, since I got burned by a review last time.

Thanks again!

Good question. The charger is included. Specs fixed. Thanks!

I’ve owned a couple of Coolpix cameras. They are easily portable, have a decent set of features, are pretty rugged and good value for the money. The wifi feature is good for remote shutter release, but as someone noted it’s usually faster to just take the SD card out and transfer photos to your computer for organizing and editing. The lens cover will stick in dusty environments, but a blast of air (or using a vacuum cleaner) will fix most problems.

I get excellent results with my iPhone even if I crop a tiny part of the picture from the closest clear focus.