Nikon & Sony Cameras

Never any Canon T Model stuff!!!

I was just shopping for Nikon d7000’s and 7100’s (the newer version) yesterday. This is the same price they are sold for on Amazon.

Where did you find that? I have been looking also.

It seems that woot! is no longer a place for good deals. It is merely amazon’s overstock shopping site.

YEs I agree the prices, most of the time that same on Amazon. Make’s me wonder if Woot is selling for Amazon now. BTW Where in the Nikon lens that’s in the picture…
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Bad news if you’re just hearing this now, but YES! Amazon bought Woot! The Woot! of old is no more. Sure, there are still deals to be found. But, like others have said, it mostly looks like Amazon leftovers.

We have our own buyers. :wah:

In for the Sony NEX mirrorless. Here’s to hoping I may get sent a NIB (unopened)…?

Wanting to eventually purchase the Sony A7 and this looks to share the same lens mount. Can’t ever have enough cameras and lenses right?!

TT Help! See my post about your crew not getting back to me about my $175 doorstop you sold me called a Neato!

I need that RMA refund so I can buy other stuff!

“Open Box Details: Although the original packaging for these units have been previously opened, the cameras being sold in this event are NEW with all accessories included.”

These used to be called “demos.”

They’ve responded to all your emails. Have you checked spam/junk folders? They sent you another RMA label and emailed you again this morning.

Same mount, but since the sensor sizes are different so lenses won’t really work correctly on both cameras. To take advantage of the A7’s sensor you’ll need “Full Frame E-Mount” (“FE”) lenses. Using FE lenses on this NEX camera, the field of view will be narrower, making the lens act like a longer focal length.

If you want the NEX, go for it. But I don’t think you should consider it a useful investment towards an A7.

renigade4x4, that lens is a paltry 55-200 VR lens, which was scored NIB from deals approx.4 years ago for $110 or $135… Boy I dont regret it for that price!

Received my Nikon coolpix 9700 today. For the 1st time ever,in my history of ordering refurbed items on Woot, it was not only, “refurbed”, but it was definitely used and abused, as there are scratches on 3 places, around the camera lens, with some of the white lettering around the lens faded, worn, or rubbed off. The scratches are consistent with being dropped on cement. I’m charging the battery now, but have my doubts about how it is going to work! Very disappointed. This was replacing a brand new camera that got stolen. Shipping was 6 business days, which was reasonable. The original camera came with a SD Card and a case. This one has neither.

For the ones who received the S9700. Do you hear a slight buzz. This is not a buzz when the motor moves the lens or auto focus. Akin to electrical noise.

EDIT: Def something wrong. Can hear it, start out low, but after powered on for a bit can hear it. What’s worse it’s clear as a bell on video, like a tone, which makes it unusable. Def going to RMA this. It’s too bad I had high hopes for this camera.