Ninco R/C 2.4GHz 4WD Monster Truck

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Ninco R/C 2.4GHz 4WD Monster Truck
Price: $159.99
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24% off on sellout woot? Just open 'em up and go wild woot staff.

It’s actually more like 42% off, at least from the $276 price over at the mothership:

Ninco is based in Spain and is one the leading producers of toy slot cars. Here’s a link to their website in Spain:

160 bucks for a 1/10 scale brushed r/c truck? You can get a 1/10 brushless for 40 more, 30 more if you go with a truggie. A Redcat Racing 1/10 scale will go 35 to 40 mph right out of the box, and their 1/10 brushed will hit 20 mph and runs about 130 bucks or so. I have owned a handful of r/c cars and trucks and must say they have done a good job in recent years with the battery powered r/c’s, making them keep up with the gas powered r/c’s but without the loud engines the gas ones run. But 160$ for a brushed r/c? Do some research people, then save some cash.

Pure junk and not worth the price. Just like the crap on NitroRCX, you buy it, it breaks, and either you can’t find replacement parts or they are discontinued and aren’t being made anymore. If your looking for a cheap and quick way to try out the hobby, this is not it. Try a Redcat or something from Horizon. A man once told me you get what you pay for. And in this hobby, its better to spend a few bucks more now to get something trusted and nice, then it is to buy cheap. You will, if you can find them, spend alot more on parts in the long run.

Not to mention the availability of replacement parts.

Hi there, i am the vendor on this item. parts are available. We have exclusive distribution of Ninco products in the US and carry parts. whatever we don’t have in stock we can get within a few days.

It’s a neat looking toy, but bottom line is that I’d never pay $160 for a toy.

Could you provide a link to your site?

Not a good buy… its an expensive “toy” if you want an rc buy a brand name one you can get parts for. get a traxxas, and it will last you

we are currently updating the site to show the parts. if parts are needed please email us or call customer service.

thank you