Nine Little Ponies

My Little Nazgul?

I has sad Woot. Have you gotten rid of the funny shirt write ups entirely? What should I do for my funny shirt write up fix?


One cannot simply buy this shirt.

The third picture is of a hoodie, but there’s no option to buy a hoodie. Edit: and the fourth picture is what the design would look like on a heathered hoodie.

Whoops. Calling to get those removed.

Edit: And fixed. Sorry for the tease, everyone.

OMG Ponies!

If you guys totally turn Teefury on me and keep doing pop-culture parodies I am going to stop popping in here as often. Not that I don’t like them, heck, I just bought that Zelda shirt last week. And this isn’t a knock against the artist for today’s shirt, because though not a pony fan, I love a good LOTR reference.

But it is making me sad because it feels like the majority of woot’s shirts lately are pop-culture mash-up riffs. To use something my wife said not too long ago after I made our favorite style of tacos for the third straight week in a row, “Honey, I like what you make well enough, but this is getting old.”

LOL. Had a complaint last week that we were not doing pop-culture much any more. We can’t win.

Instabuy. First Woot SHIRT I bought for myself. I love My Little Pony and Lord of the Rings. What could be better? Thanks Woot!

Nicely detailed. Might look better on the back of a leather jacket. If you were wearing one to ride a pony.

Nazgûl in Equestria? Either the main characters will kick their asses in an inspiring example of friendship, or the show’s target audience is going to change drastically.

is peter jackson filmiming my little pony?

The neckbeards are out. I can smell their drools…

Another must have. Such a thick, seductive pony.


Finally, the “Wear this shirt:” section is back! I couldn’t figure out what to call it to complain/cry when it went away.

“Big adventure, tons of fun,
A beautiful heart, faithful and strong,
Sharing kindness, it’s an easy feat,
and in the darkness bind them.

As if riding a pony wasn’t emasculating enough, he has to ride side saddle too?! The Nazgul just don’t carry the same street cred they used to. :slight_smile:

My little Nazgul, my little Nazgul…

The 4 Ponies Of The Apocalypse Tshirt $12
Four Horseman book on Amazon $8
Having your daughters 5th grade teacher call you up to say her show and tell about the 4 my little ponies of the apocalypse tshirt not being the most appropriate (yet also the most hilarious thing he’s ever seen)…priceless … oh and he also had to ask “whose woot”. Suffice it to say my daughter has SO earned this :slight_smile: