Nine Lives

Both cute and creepy enough. Congratulations.

Yay, thank you! I was awed by the nice comments for it in the derby, thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, on a scary but fun Halloween win!

btw, I’m from Michigan too! :slight_smile:

I can haz Hallo

I feel like Woot is missing out on an opportunity to print designs like this on tote bags which could be used as trick-or-treat candy bags.

YES! And it’s not like we wouldn’t want to have cat bags year-round either, woot!

I’m waiting for the ongoing “select a tote” option from the “all designs” shirt-ordering tab. Come on, woot!!!

And more votes for the winner than we have had in ages! Almost 200 votes! Well done!

I love everything about this shirt. Except the spider. Any chance you’d do an arachnid-free version for the arachnophobic among us?

Congrats. As expected this landed in first place. Fantastic illustration – and I’m not much for the feline thing. A well deserved win!

Bingo! I’d be happy to trick or treat using this. Problem is I have no young kids to do so with. :smiley:

A Halloween tote side sale would be great, and this should be in there.

Hats off to Paxdomino taking the win! The Halloween derby is the toughest of the year because it’s a great theme and everyone is stoked to draw spooky stuff, and this still stood out.

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Congrats on some amazing artwork and a clear win!


Great work! Congrats on the win :slight_smile:

Loved the shirt. Ordered 2. Too bad when the shirts arrived the color of the material was grass green. Super ugly and the art work didn’t look as good. Hoping for a refund or even better, getting the shirts in black as pictured.