Nine West Ladies Optical Frames for $15

Can anyone be so kind as to explain how this would work with buying these and filling a prescription?

I have needed glasses for quite a few years and have even had a prescription written but haven’t filled it.

These look like a good deal, but would like more info from someone more experienced with this than me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m guessing they are just clear plastic lenses without a prescription. There’s no option to fill out a prescription - I guess the point is having “cute” lenses that can then have the lenses switched with RX ones later (places like, etc. will do this service for a $30-ish fee).

Places like Costco optical will whine a bit and charge a nominal extra fee, but will sell you new prescription lenses for existing frames.

I just took my third-party frames to my optometrist and they put my prescription lenses into them. It cost a little something, but when you’re saving this much on the frames, it comes out cheaper in the end.

Just a small word of warning - these are all discontinued styles (for at least a year), so parts for repair if ever needed most likely would not be available.

As with everything on woot, do a search for other sites mentioning this eyewear. The model ‘407’ photo here is very different from the one shown elsewhere. Not sure which we’d get!

I can’t speak for “them”, but we used actual samples for pictures, not vendor art or photo steals from the internet like some. What you see is what you get. Happy wooting!

Excellent!! Thanks!

These are nice looking frames, and that’s coming from a licensed optician with 10+ years in the field. (This guy!)

As a professional in the field, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND That you go to a local optician with your prescription and ask about lens prices and options before purchasing frames online. Most local opticians are happy to fill an RX in your own frame, though you will often not get as good a discount as they are running on a complete pair.

It is very important that you work with them to ensure your prescription will be a good match for a given frame, otherwise they may come out too thick or have compromised performance, especially in the case of bifocals or progressives. Just pull up the site and look them over together, any optician worth his salt should be happy to help you. If they give you a hard time just leave and go elsewhere. Heck, at this price they might even be interested in buying a bunch of them to resell in their shop!

You could even go to Walmart. They are very reasonable. My partner just went there yesterday and took her own frames. If you just need single vision, not bifocals, they’re really reasonable. I would also recommend paying the extra $65 or so for Transitions, so you won’t need sunglasses. I’m on my 4th pair of glasses and I couldn’t live without it! If you do alot of night-driving and computer work, you might want to consider paying the extra $50 for anti-glare, as well. So, all in all, you’re looking at a total of about $150. Good luck!

I actually spoke to costco optical a while ago about new lenses for my frames (from Lenscrafters) and they quoted me $175 for transitions which is WAY cheaper than Lenscrafters ($300 lenses only). I may have to order 2 pairs here and take them in. I need spares. I’m willing to take a chance for $35, and 2 of the styles I know look good on me. Now, how to know which size…

My optician charges $85 for basic plastic lenses if you bring in a pair of frames to them. I’ve done it a couple times with vintage frames I’ve bought online, even with creating a pair of sunglasses. That means that a pair of glasses would cost $100 instead of $200-$300. (Because these are Nine West, and not an off-brand frame that would cost less at the Optician’s.) I’ve never ordered scrip glasses online, so I can’t speak to that. But I agree that an optician is the best idea.

A little annoyed, though, that these are coming up today. I just got back from my eye appt and ordered new glasses! ::pout::

I want to buy more then a pair, what should I do to order more then a pair?

Sorry for the delayed response.
If you’re wanting to buy more than one pair of glasses, just use the drop down Quantity menu.
You can purchase up to 3 of each design.

I think you mean different styles, not more than one of the same style…right? You just order one, pay the shipping, then you can go in and order the others with the free shipping. You can’t put more than one style on the same order.

Is there a way that we could see a straight front shot of the frames? I really would like to buy a pair, but I am not sure how they would look on my face :frowning:

what are the sizes in reference to? the diameter of the lenses? how do you know which to get?

bought the Nine West frames in “paprika”, took them to my optometrist for lenses, and saved a bundle. My optometrist had the same frames in the shop for about 10 times what I paid for these. They were incredulous that I found them online at this price. It’s been a while now, and they have been great glasses. Got a lot of compliments on them and I love having designer frames without paying designer prices. Thanks, Woot! This is one of those things that makes Woot so great.