Ninebot SGW-MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Ninebot SGW-MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Pretty good deal. I saw it was, I believe, $550 on Amazon not too long ago. Great scooter, especially for the price.

Anyone else notice it say’s battery charger (sold separately) :joy: Are you kidding me?

Do you also see the part where it says the charger is built-in?

Is Woot an authorized dealer in order for the warranty to be enforced?

So, WHY list that it’s sold separately?!

Anyway to find out if these are 1st or 2nd gen Ninebot SGW-MAX’s that woot is selling here? Ninebot MAX G30 | The HIGHEST RATED Electric Scooter on Amazon | Comprehensive Review - YouTube This video says to check the serial number on the motor/rear wheel. If it starts with a 6 it’s a 1st Gen and if it starts with a 9 it’s a 2nd Gen scooter. He says 2nd gen maintains max speed capability down to 25% battery drain, where as the 1st gen starts to lose a couple MPH off the max speed at 50% battery drain.

My guess is it’s a general purpose manual that covers a few different models and the piece of line-art showing the “charger cable” and “sold separately” isn’t relevant to this model. All the video reviews I’ve seen show a built in charger on the SGW-MAX.

Per the vendor, it comes with everything you need to charge the unit.

Yes, Segway will honor the warranty. As always, if there’s any issues, reach out to Woot customer service.

The one I got from Woot was a second gen. Everything fine so far-

that’s because MAX is the ONLY scooter on-the-market today with battery-charger built-in

I missed this deal again since missing it in February :persevere: I hope they would have another deal on this :pray:t4:

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