NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Combo Set

Has anyone had a good experience with the NINESTARS set? I ask because this looks like the exact style of a set that Linens N Things used to carry, that broke all the damn time. Never owned one myself, just saw a crapton of broken ones returned when I worked as a cashier there. Got to the point where I dreaded selling them because well over 50% would be returned.

Can someone explain these dimensions to me:

8 Gallon Trash Can: 14.88” X 12.01” X 25.04”

1.2 Gallon Trash Can: 10.59" x 7.99" x 10.79"

Last I checked a cylinder typically had a height and a diameter (or radius).

So what’s with the three dimensions?

I pondered that as well when previewing and then realized that the pedal makes one side wider than the other. :slight_smile:

Looks like a good deal. Same, or VERY similar, NineStars Combo Set sold via Sam’s Club for $49.98 with good reviews. Most common issue is people prefer a 13 gallon instead of an 8 gallon. Smaller can is an added bonus.