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Ninja? Mega Kitchen System?
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Yes, but will it blend™? Seriously though, how does this compare to Blendtech blenders and / or those ones you see on “roadshow” at Costco?

Sooooo many perfect reviews over at and very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

We bought this exact blender last night at Target. I have to say, it is an awesome little appliance. Margaritas and pina coladas, only took a few seconds, no big chunks of ice left in the pitcher. I’d recommend it to anybody who asked. Plus I got it brand new for about $15 more.

I have a Ninja blender. It is very powerful and works well.

You may want to get this,too, because who DOESN’T want to have a NINJA in their kitchen???

I have the Ninja Warrior stick blender with the food processor attachment container, etc.

The part of the stick with the blades that detaches from the motor rusted from the inside while sitting in a cabinet after being washed and dried. The motor base still works and I can use it with the food processor.

That’s my Ninja experience. 50% failure in one product. :frowning:

I splurged on a Blendtec a few weeks ago, and it’s awesome ($300 at Sam’s Club with the Twister Jar, couldn’t say no. $422 on Amazon right now) or I’d probably pick this up anyhow.

I wanted to know the difference between the models. The one here is BL771. This was from facebook Ninja kitchen.

BL770 - Target - 72 oz. jar, 8 cup bowl, (2) Single Serve cup w/ blade, (2) To-Go Lids, 6 Blade Assembly, 4 Blade Assembly, Dough Blade.

BL771 - Bed, Bath & Beyond - 72 oz. jar, 8 cup bowl, (2) Single Serve cup w/ blade, (2) To-Go Lids, 6 Blade Assembly, 4 Blade Assembly, Dough Blade,Bowl in Bowl.

BL772 - Kohl’s - 72 oz. jar, 8 cup bowl, (3) Single Serve cup w/ blade, (3) To-Go Lids,6 Blade Assembly, 4 Blade Assembly, Dough Blade,
Bowl in Bowl.

BL770W - Infomercial - 72 oz. jar, 8 cup bowl, (2) Single Serve cup w/ blade, (2) To-Go Lids,6 Blade Assembly, 4 Blade Assembly, Dough Blade, Healthy Living Guide.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is a plastic jug right?

The reason I ask is that sadly I use frozen strawberries to make smoothies and have learned the hard way that I need a glass jug (frozen fruit is apparently harder than ice and will crack plastic jugs). Is that just true of <$100 blenders? Anyone with a ninja try to run a few cups of frozen berries through it?

I currently have an oster 12 with glass jug that is serving me well, but from experience it will need replacement w/n another year as the motor will fail (they all seem to last 3 years, annoying part of being a daily user and using them to crush massive amounts of frozen strawberries…)

yes its plastic. I have had mine 9 months and make smoothies daily. i make two types. one with raw beets, frozen berries (blue, rasp and or straw), kale and some oj or water. the other with raw carrots apple and fresh ginger… four single serves a day and still going strong. plus normal kitchen work. i paid $179 at target. tempted to get a second as a spare. big draw back for me on the plastc is no hot liquids. so no soup, etc.

oh and i also make banana (ice cream) frozen bananas with frozen strawberries or other fruit. it comes out like soft serve, yet hasnt killed the motor yet.

Does this blender work on blending nuts, like almonds for almond milk?

I bought this model months ago for the specific purpose of making almond milk, and it does an awesome job.

Ours also gets a lot of use making smoothies, using frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, and ice cubes, among other things. The Ninja turns all of the frozen items into slush, and with the addition of something dairy, such as milk or yogurt, it becomes quite creamy.

As someone else mentioned, you can take frozen bananas and make a soft-serve ice cream-like dessert as well. Add in a tablespoon of peanut butter and a bit of cocoa powder, and its heavenly.

When comparison shopping and looking at other Ninjas, make sure you get the model that is at least 1500 watts, as this one is. The 1000 watt model’s reviews aren’t as good.

If you like smoothies, it’s worth it for the single serving blending cups alone. We also use our blending cups to turn oatmeal into oat flour for a gluten-free flour product.

So far, we haven’t found anything that the Ninja doesn’t do, except work with hot liquids. It simply says to not do that, so we haven’t.

I bought the Ninja Master Prep Pro when offered two weeks ago? I love it. Smoothies, ice cream, easy chicken salad Oh MY! Still finding things to make or use it for to create. BUT…now there’s the Ninja Mega Kitchen System!

Is this another Ninja I must have? What does it really do differently from the Ninja Master Prep Pro? I do see it has a dough feature on it. Not a big deal for me since I bought the KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixerhere a few weeks back, so as I said the dough feature is useless to me unless it makes the green stuff. Also, I see it has those individual smoothie cups, big whip! Anyone, thoughts? Please help!! Kitchen appliance junkie here. I love my Ninja Prep Pro. Do I need to buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System to keep it company???

Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I feel more comfortable in buying one.

And how easy, safe and un-cut-yourself is this thing? I see multiple nasty blades that need cleaning.

Ill stick to my blendtec with its unsharp metal spinner.

I bougth this a couple of week ago from Woot for $10 less. I am very happy with it. Make smoothies with no problem. Seems to work as well as my son’s vitamix. There were some negative reviews on amazon about blades breaking, so I did buy a Square trade warranty for it.

very helpful feedback, thanks so much for responding!

I have the version of this set from Sam’s Club. It works amazingly well. I got it to make puppy treats and Larabars after my NutriBullet bit the dust. I’ve had no problems with nuts, fruits, raw sweet potatoes, anything.

It is a little loud, and it’s a bit on the larger side. But I think the power more than makes up for both. In fact, I don’t even care that it’s a tad loud since I don’t have to use it that much BECAUSE it’s so powerful and chops/blends/folds/spindles/mutilates so well!

The only problems I’ve found with it are that it’s not at all stealthy, is completely oblivious, and DOES seem to have problems unless I’m wearing a Doomcat shirt.

Sorry… couldn’t resist.


Actually, the blades are all dishwasher safe, as are the bowl/jars/whatever. I usually pour in some luke-warm water after I’m done with it. Give it a few pulses, and it’s pretty clean already. Then just put everything in the dishwasher. I haven’t cut myself on the blades yet.

That being said, if you are making anything that turns into a paste like substance, you do need to be a little careful removing the blades to remove your paste. But, again, if you’re careful, you can do so easily and uninjured.