Ninja® Mega Kitchen System®

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Ninja? Mega Kitchen System?
Price: $108.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 days (Monday, Dec 22 to Tuesday, Dec 23) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Tons of Great Reviews

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Ordered one of these last round here on WOOT.

Very happy with it.

Wife loves the smaller cups for making personal smoothies.

Crushes ice no problem.

Came shipped in a decent carton within a carton setup. While its factory refurbd. the motor base looked new, most of the plastic hardware was new, except for the large blender vessel - it had some external scratches (looks like from a blade?) - but its a blender - not a show piece. And I’ll add its not from the packing - I’m betting it got scratched from the previous owner - and how they packed things…

Note - all items arrived “food free” and looked like they had never been used,

Price was on point.

I bought one of these new at a great deal ($159) at Sams Club. I use this all the time!! I bought it mostly for making personal smoothies but the large blender is amazing! No more trying to pack stuff down closer to the blade so it will blend. This machine gets it all!

I bake a good deal and am in love with the dough blade attachment. No more mixer!! I throw stuff in for making cookies, turn it on and then out comes a ball of dough.

I had been wanting to buy a Vitamix but got this instead of spending $400. I am SO glad I did!! It does WAY more than my friend’s Vitamix. I love this machine!!

How are these at totally liquifying kale?

This could make a great gift for my sister, but I hate to spend the money if it doesn’t solve her smoothie problem. She already has a pretty good blender.

I wouldn’t know because I only got to use the personal blender twice (first time worked great second time NOT) before something stripped out and now it is useless. The main 40oz pitcher still works great but obviously is not as convenient (harder to clean and have to dirty another container to drink out of). I have checked other sites (including Ninja factory site) and this is a fairly common complaint. If you want a great large multi-purpose mixer OK, but if you will use it mostly for individual sized “smoothie” type drinks look somewhere else.

My wife and I have this exact set as a compromise from a vitamix. It is fantastic. Personal blending is great, and I’ve made salsa a few times in the processor. Very powerful. Can’t say enough good things about it, and we paid a lot more than this. The only negative reviews that I’ve seen, are people complaining the blades are too sharp…seriously.

Are the smoothie cup lids supposed to have a seal like on a for-car-use coffee travel mug?

They appear to be a kind of screw-top. I have a similar set; highly recommend!

Main 40 oz Pitcher arrived damaged. Looks like some one tried to blend a hard object in it. Damage the pitcher and the blade. Wont even turn on with main Pitcher, red light just keeps on flashing. Contacting Woot to see what options i have as far as replacement goes.

You might also try reaching out to Ninja; these blenders have a 90 day warranty with them.

My order never shipped. No tracking information, no reason for the delay. Only canned messages from “customer support” telling me that I need to wait “a couple more business days” to find out what’s going on with my order. I’m glad some of you had a good experience and actually received what you paid for, but Woot has stolen my money. I hope those of you who received a damaged blender can get your money back without much hassle and just spend the extra $50 to get one at Costco, Sears, Sams Club or the like. It’s unfortunate that this was my first experience with Woot because it will definitely be my last. I have asked for a refund and cancellation of my order for several days with no response other than to wait longer for it to ship. I have already filed a claim with Amazon payments and will be reporting this to my credit card company and the BBB.

I’m sorry for this. I have sent your case to customer service for another look to see if someone can figure out what is going wrong.

Please just cancel my order and refund my money. I don’t want to do business with your company.

After waiting almost three weeks for this product to arrive, it came yesterday with no exterior shipping box. I immediately began to worry. My worries were quickly founded, as the large pitcher was not properly packaged. The lid came off in shipping, which caused the loose blade to beat up the pitcher pretty badly during shipping. I am looking for a replacement to the large pitcher and the blade for it as I do not know the extent of the damage. Sounds like I am not the only one to have this issue. Not happy with this purchase so far.

Customer service’s only option was a return with a refund. No product replacement exchange or discount. I waited weeks for my purchase to find it damaged due to incompetence in shipping by a company who is owned by one of the largest shipping companies in the world… Figure that one out. This will be my last large woot purchase. Prices nearly always compare the same over at Amazon, and I won’t have to wait almost a month to receive my product scratched and chipped all over

I’m really sorry about that. I’ll forward your info along to CS to see what’s up.