Ninja 6QT 4-in-1 Multicooker - 7 Colors!

I bought one when they first came out and love it. The non-stick surface of the interior pan is incredible! It cleans like magic after using it for at least four years. It cooks fast and everything comes out tasting great. I have never baked in it?

Does it include a cookbook with recipes?

If you are considering it… Do it.

We have one and it really is great and easy.

It’s a pretty cool tool!!

The glass lid is probably gonna break. If so contact the factory and ask for a metal one. Best, decision, ever. If you are a bachelor bad living, or just the two of you, you’ll probably replace your toaster oven. It’s only downside is it doesn’t really bake things too well or takes longer to do so due to the lack of a heat source from the top down.

Is this a pressure cooker and a Crock pot too?

Definitely not a pressure cooker with that lid.

It’s a slow cooker, stovetop, oven, and steamer.

Sorry no these will not include a recipe book, but you can find some great ideas online (including some entire sites devoted to Ninja recipes!)

Here’s the User Manual for it, if anyone is interested.

Price Reduced

The buyer loves the Wednesday hump day and loves y’all. She’s gone a lowered the price to $79.99. Go buy ALL the multicookers!!!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pocket soonish!

Okay, take my money!

What is the nonstick surface made of? (Porcelain, T-fal, etc…?)

I don’t see any information on this on a few sites I checked. Amazon Q&A didn’t have an answer either. Sorry.

Absolutely love ours. We use it at least a couple times a week, and it’s big enough to cook meals for our family of 6. The stove top mode is brilliant. Being able to sear/saute and slow-cook in the same pan is a great mess and dirty-dish saver. We even got by on this guy alone for a couple weeks while our kitchen was being remodeled and our oven was out of commission.

Ordinary teflon (lowercase T, not name brand Teflon). Source: MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NINJA - Ninja Foodi & All Ninja Multi-Cooker Systems Recipes

It does contain PTFE/PFOA. These chemicals are NOT harmful to humans, but if you have any pet birds especially parrots the fumes are harmful to them.

We have one of these, and it’s great! I love that you can make a meal from start to finish in this thing. If you add ground beef to your chili, you can brown the beef, cook onions, and then build your chili, all in this one pot. Same with roast, if you like to sear yours first, it’s easy to do. I will say that if you’re thinking about buying one of these, you typically won’t get the carrying bag in the retail store version, and you’ll pay at least $20 extra on top, so I’d say this is a great deal.

Some of the comments sound like they are referring to the Ninja 3 in 1 cooker, but this is the 4 in 1 cooker, which is no longer available, anywhere I’ve searched, including the Ninja Kitchen website. Is this a refurbished, discontinued model? Not even available on Amazon. I wonder why they pulled back the production of the 4 in 1? Also, the 4 in 1 (MC900Q) that was available in stores included the muffin pan and the lifting utensils and spoons, and the cookbook which is also not currently available on the Ninja website. Any info from seller or manufacturer would be great!

Here it is at Target

From the vendor, the differences are:

Addition of Steamer
Glass Lid instead of metal
Stainless Steel Roast/Steam rack (vs chrome plated in the 3-in-1)
Addition of travel bag

Only under ridiculously rare circumstances. The cookware has to reach a surface temperature of over 500°F and the bird would have to be within a couple of feet of it. If the bird isn’t that close, the fumes will disperse. Unless you cook pirate food with the bird on your shoulder, this this is pretty much a myth.

And even if science doesn’t interest anyone,

Seriously, even if you abuse your cookware to this point, a range hood is plenty to bring the levels down to harmless dispersion.