Ninja 6QT 4-in-1 Multicooker - 7 Colors!

Lots of 5’s over at Target

My mom bought me one of these when I moved into an efficiency apartment for a while. My first thought was “ugh some infomercial piece of crap.” However after using this thing I quickly fell in love with my Ninja. It’s a crockpot that can do it all. If the idea of creating tasty easy meals all in one unit sounds good, get this thing. It comes with some solid recipes but there are tons more available online, and anything a crockpot can do, it can and more. I’m half tempted to buy a second one just to have as a backup for when the first one eventually dies. Mind you I’ve been using mine for 4-5 years now and it still works great.

Nevermind, it was just off the screen.

I only see 1 stainless steel picture. Are there more? I am interested in the colors and the carrying case.

That’s all we have.

The case is black as shown in one photo.

I bought this a year or two ago from WOOT. I have 10 slow cookers and this is my “go to” cooker. The timer works well and it does not cook too hot like so many of the slow cookers. This was definitely a good refurb buy.

You have 10 slow cookers? Now I don’t feel so bad with 10 cameras, many from Woot.

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||| What they said. |||

10 slow cookers…

it makes one pause and ponder.
Who owns 10 slow cookers, what do they do with them, did it start at the bridal shower? Was it miscommunication with in-laws? Is it intentional?
What would I do with 10 slow cookers? what would I cook?
What would happen if I started 3 every six hours each day? Would I wash fewer pots and pans? Dishes? What about my electric bill? The smell?

it’s Friday. Weeks up…

9 ladies dancing…

Time for Wooters to fess up. You have 10 or more _________________. My blank would be computers/tablets.

Is there a delay function on this? I work 20-12 hr, shift and would like one I can program to start several hrs after I leave the house

I am interested in one of these but have a few questions:

  • What is the cooking crock made from? Is it ceramic like almost every other crock pot, or something else?

  • Is the temperature fully adjustable or is it a simple low-medium-high? And does it show a specific temp in degrees?

  • Lastly, when using the timer can the temp be automatically set to change during different times (such as 2 hours on high, then 2 hours on medium, then 2 hours on low)? And do you absolutely need to use the timer?

Thanks for any information.

I bought this on Woot! last month for a little more (which is fine…just stating it’s less this go around). The fact that it seemed to universally have great reviews won me over. I’ve only used it maybe three times so far but plan to use it more often. So far, so good. My only complaint is that the lid doesn’t sit snug on top of the 6-quart bowl. There is a 1/4" of play for the lid to slide around…and boy does it! Since the ledge of bowl isn’t very deep, the lid can and will slide off so you have to be very careful, say when putting into a cupboard, that the top doesn’t fall off. It’s really as if it was delivered with the wrong lid.