Ninja BL642 NutriNinja Blender Duo Black

Ninja BL642 NutriNinja Blender Duo Black

What’s the wattage for this unit? The photo shows 1500W but I’ve heard it varies.

Edit: since there’s no additional information aside from the photo, I’ll assume the photo is accurate (1500w) and purchase accordingly.

Just wanted to comment on the condition of these units. I ordered the Inversion system last week and when I opened the boxes and checked each of the components, I had mixed feelings. The newest condition of the items sent, were the brown refurb. boxes each component came in. The components themselves were ALL used, scratched and clearly refurbished. There was some discussion that Woot was sending out “as new” conditioned Ninjas, this is FALSE. The blades were all super sharp and were probable new, since it would be too hard to refurbish small parts that were so vital to the unit. However, all the plastic containers had scratches, the base unit has dings and scratches, and some of the plastic parts, like the food prep pusher, were slightly greasy/sticky.

So, while this is a good price, be aware you are not going to be able to pass this off as a new item or give as a gift unless the receiver understands what he/she is getting.

I’d buy it again, but would reduce my expectations and reduce the value this price is based on the actual condition received.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Help with what??? You’re selling scratched up merchandise and I assume all the items sold from that sale to all the customers will be similar in quality. My post was to put people on notice of what to expect from Woot so they can make an educated decision.

If you’re unhappy with it, contact our customer service. We track issues with items and vendors. Appreciate your feedback either way.

Its not happy/unhappy. This comment area is for people to help other people know what they are buying. Woot’s lack of clear information on the condition of the items sold is why I wrote my original comment. So other potential buyers can understand what they are potentially buying and make educated decisions on this purchase. I did not expect EVERY plastic item to be so scratched up based on Woots VERY limited information. The only thing I can confirm that was new is the unmarked brown boxes each container came in. Everything else was worn and one of the items was even sticky, clearly not refurbished in a professional manner.