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Ninja BL660 Professional Blender
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 14 to Thursday, May 15) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Euro-Pro generally puts a two-year warranty on their Ninja products, so this refurbished unit having only 90-days is quite a hit to take on a device likely to undergo some real wear and tear.

Other Ninja models are labeled as containing lead. I don’t know if this one does too, but that seams like a poor idea for food preparation.

Does this unit chop things like meat, nuts, and coffee beans?

almost everything contains lead… everything electrical does in solder. don’t over react to the lead notice which is required on anything sold in California regardless of what the lead is and where it is.

It’s funny to see this, as my Vitamix literally just shipped today. I figured I’d put in my two cents, since for the past few weeks I’ve been fairly immersed in the world of high-performance blenders (there’s a sentence I never imagined saying). The Ninja here is designed to be a competitor to both the Vitamix and the Blendtec, which are widely considered the standard when it comes to these sorts of home blenders. What I’ve gleaned in the various comparison videos I’ve seen which feature this particular Ninja (and its successor) is that it’s…okay. There’s no doubt it’s better than a traditional countertop blender by brands like Oster, Kitchenaide, or Breville, however when compared to the likes of Blendtec and Vitamix it doesn’t measure up. If you’re looking for something which will make green smoothies, it can, though they won’t be as smooth or well-blended as others. Some observations: the center blade ‘tower’ is made of plastic, with metal blades affixed to it. Similarly, on the Ninja mega kitchen system 1500 (which is a tier above this model) both the drive socket and bottom of the carafe blade assembly which it mates with are plastic.

All that being said, it’s a more-capable-than-standard blender at a standard blender price, which is hard to find fault. My only concerns would be longevity and the lack of a lengthy warranty. 2 years on a new product is short, compared to their competitors. 90 days for an appliance that will be put under strenuous work regularly would give me pause.

Regarding the green smoothie…smoothness:

Ninja vs. Vitamix

Blendtec vs. Vitamix

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so i just got the blender a few weeks ago at my work when they had a special employee deal on it. The individual cups work super awesome for my morning smoothie, mush better than my oster blender and much easier to clean. I haven’t used the regular pitcher much so can’t really comment on that, the only thing negative i do have to say it it is a bit loud. Also when using the pitcher the blender wont run unless the lid is on and locked

I had a better model of Ninja than this one, and honestly, I was not impressed.

It tries to be a blender and a food processor at the same time, and it kind of failed at both. It blended protein shakes “okay,” but the ice was chunky and kind of inconsistent. The food processor part just kind of turned everything into small cubes.

Fortunately, mine was a gift. I sold it on Craigslist after a few months. My roommate’s $25 walmart blender made a better shake.

Adding my 2 cents for what it’s worth. :wink: I always find it surprising that people seem to think there are only 2 top blenders. In my opinion this is not true. There is a third one that I have been using every day for a year now, making green smoothies, soups, you name it and I’m more that happy with it. Never failed me.

Like anyone else I did a lot of research because face it, it’s a lot of money to pay for a Vitamix and I was in real doubt what to pick. People in forums all seem to favor the Vitamix but I have always been one to go with what I think is best and I went with the for a lot of people unknown blender, the OmniBlender.
At the time I bought it they had a promo going, I saved $300 by not choosing the Vitamix. That was great but not the main reason why I went with the OmniBlender. I think that the Vitamix is over-hyped, very much so. I thought the videos and the documentation of the OmniBlender much more ‘real’ and ‘honest’ than the hype of the Vitamix and after comparing parts the Omni still came up on top.
They have a 7 year warranty and just released a smaller container especially for smoothies for 1 person.
When I purchased it I got a second blade for free, even though they have a 7 year warranty. Their customer service is a bliss to deal with after having to deal with large companies, very personal and fast.
Here is their website for anyone who is interested.


I went through two Ninja Professional blenders. The motor burned out on them. I use frozen strawberries and blueberries in my smoothies and it’s like grinding up rocks. A large frozen strawberry got stuck in the Ninja and the motor wasn’t strong enough to turn the blade so it caused two of them to stop working.

The Ninja has very sharp blades and the Blendtec has a dull blade. The Blendtec uses brute force to blend. So one difference I see in the final smoothie is that the Blendtech smoothie is warmer. It’s no longer a frozen smoothie but is definitely blended better. The Ninja used to have an occasional blueberry that I couldn’t suck through a straw but that rarely happens with the Blendtec. The Ninja Smoothie was so thick that the straw could float on the top whereas the Blendtec smoothie is very liquidy and the straw sinks. I actually liked the think Ninja smoothie better.

Note that I’ve never put green vegetables in my smoothies – just frozen fruits.

I’ve had many blenders in my life and will say the Ninja Pro was one of the best all the way until they stopped working. I would still be using it today if it weren’t for the burned out motor. After having to failures, I refused to get a third. The Blendtec is still working.

I like the removable blade from the Ninja and makes for easy cleaning. The Blendtec has a non-removable blade so it’s a bit more difficult to clean. At least the blendtec blade is not sharp so I don’t have to worry about getting cut. The Ninja blade can easily slice your finger.

If you want something for making smoothies without spending an arm and a leg, I have also found there’s another option. The NutriBullet makes an unbelievably smooth smoothie! I bought one on Amazon for $84.

I have the model before this one, and larger non-liquid items may be chopped but I found that the consistency is NOT uniform. I actually tried to grate Italian Romano Cheese (which is very hard) and I broke the little plastic piece that holds the blade. Called customer service which was a call center in India, and asked if I could purchase the little plastic piece, and was told that they don’t sell it separately. She wanted to sell me the entire plastic pitcher, but then was able to let me have it for free, because I was under warranty. I advise against chopping larger hard items. Just my 2 cents!

If you’re trying to grind coffee to make coffee (and not for some other reason), you shouldn’t use a blender, as the grind won’t be uniform. You’ll end up with large and small pieces. I’d choose a real coffee grinder instead.

I bought this a few weeks ago when it was on woot. So, I love this thing. I make almond milk with it -that’s where you soak almonds then blend them up and strain for milk…it does that with no problems.
I also make smoothies with it using the single smooth cup. Generally, my smoothies have 1 frozen banana, 3 frozen strawberries, and about 10 blueberries in it. No problems at all blending that up.
Admittedly, I’ve only had it a few weeks. But, I’ve been blending with it on a daily basis.
I’ve had no issues and believe this to be a great purchase at an excellent price.

We’re happy with our Magic Bullets, too; so much so that we got three of them, one each for home and both work places! They’re regularly available for $40, either on sale or with the 20% off coupon at the 3B store.

I have only used my Ninja three or four times and have already started having trouble with it. Sometimes it simply will not start. I press the power button and get the red light but no motor action and I’ve done everything the booklet suggest. I am going to check to see if I’ve had it beyond the 90 days. If I have I am going to still see if the warranty is honored. I was impressed with the new ones purchased by my friends and thought I would be able to brag on the price and quality from Woot.

My wife and I bought one a few months ago on sale for about $10 more at Macy’s. My wife uses it to blend her breakfast shakes which include fruit, kale and other veggies. It does well for that type of job. But, if you want to add ice to the mix forget it, our Kitchen Aid does a much better job with ice than this does. The Ninja does not grind ice very uniform, it is always chunky no matter how long you grind it.

One other thing you may want to consider is that this is loud. I mean deafening loud. True, no blender is silent but again comparing it to our Kitchen Aid this is easily 5X louder.

Omni is made in China. Vitamix is made in Ohio. I know it’s not important to 50% of this country, but for me, I will pay extra to get American Made all day long. And I have had my Vitamix for 12+ years and use it almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day…never an issue…ever.