Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

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Ninja BL660 Professional Blender
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jun 11 to Thursday, Jun 12) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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oh no. The Ninja blender again. Commence Pro > Con, vitamix v. Blendtec v. Ninja wars.

Bottom Line: This is a decent blender. It’s not a vitamix. It’s not a blendtec. It’s not close to those - we had one - gave it to mom - she likes it. I needed more. But for just your standard blender it works.

Got one of these the last time offered .

It does not work .

Do you feel lucky ?

Base on previous comments this is a definite no go!

Sorry to hear that you experienced difficulties with your previous purchase.

The Ninja blender comes with a 90 Day Ninja Warranty.

Were you able to contact the Ninja Customer Support Page?
They should be helpful in finding a resolve to the issues you encountered.

If they were unable to assist you in finding a solution, please feel free to email into and let them know.

Have done so and the ball is now rolling .

I purchased this blender last time it was up for sale here on Woot.

I’ve been using it and it’s really good. I put kale in it and berries and mangos… and then Pom juice. I only blend for about a minute at most… and there’s some kale grounds in the juice but I have to tell you I love it! I would otherwise never eat blueberries… and getting the kale is also very healthy…

Works great! Thanks Woot.

I have one of these things. It blends most things, but it has a problem with vegetables and stuff with seeds. Kale, certain berries, that stuff. Fruit seeds are usually tolerable, but I can’t handle the kale chunks that it misses. Also, with 2-3 times weekly use just for smoothies, the blades have visibly begun to dull and there’s even pits and chips in a couple, but that’s close to a year of use. You can decide if that’s worth it.

Got this blender last time around and is pretty bad , the unit arrived used with dull ish blades , lid is a pain in the huhu to take off after you blend , all in all a crappy design and a mediocre blender.

Just my 2c

I will try this , see if they will actually send me a proper refurbed unit not a salvaged from dumpster.

I bought a Ninja from Woot and it broke like on the 2nd use. Talked to Ninja rep, they never sent me anything, will never buy again.

I have the 1500 watt version…so maybe it’s THAT much better?

At any rate, have been using it since Christmas…have never used a blendtec or vitamix…but the ninja absolutely kicks the ever loving sh!t out of any other blender I’ve ever seen used. Frozen fruit chunks, ice, whatever. The biggest difference to me is with traditional blenders…takes a good 1-3 minutes to get everything actually run through the blades. This does it in, literally, seconds. Again, I don’t know HOW MUCH of a difference the extra 400 watts make, but it doesn’t leave me wanting.

For people that received beat-up/broken models…uhhh, return it. I know we’d all like online shopping to be 100% positive…but that’s not the case. Has anyone here seriously not bought something BRAND NEW, only to unbox it at home and find it doesn’t work? I know it’s happened to me, and I didn’t get as mad as the people who spent 30 seconds on a few mouse clicks, then waited for it to arrive at their door. Oh, the inconvenience! With that kind of attitude…you people should never be buying from deal sites. Go pay full retail, get marginally better results, and buy far less stuff…less stuff bought = less stuff to complain about. Everyone wins!

Did you use it the second time more than 90 days later? If so…that’s unfortunate. I’d also argue you didn’t need it to begin with if 2 uses in >90 days.

I’d like to buy one…but after my experience with not receiving the Big Boss Induction Cooktop I ordered almost 2 weeks ago, my confidence in Woot is just a bit shaken…

Great while it worked! The clutch etc. broke lol about a day after warranty expired! Very disappointed!

I’m just an “average user”. Can you tell me how this differs from the “Non-Professional” model?

I bought this one of the last times around it was on Woot.

Here’s the discussion on it from last time: Link

I’ve been using my refurb really consistently since I purchased it, and it is running strong. I love it.

When I ordered my cooktop the pans came and the cook top did not show up. I contented woot and they gave some goofy reason and said to wait a few more days. Still have not seen it or gotten a tracking number.