Ninja BL780 Supra Kitchen - Black

The product page says 90 day Ninja Warranty, but the paperwork that they came with say only 30 days…

What is it really? And, if it really is only 30 days, can Woot extend it to 90?

Please email with your order info; CS can check into things for you.

I have gone back and forth with a few emails and they do not seem to understand tbe problem. I have gotten useless responses like telling me that the warranty is through Ninja and asking me what the problem is.

Can anyone actually address the problem?

Sorry; I’ve added you to my report for CS this morning.

Let us know how the warranty thing is settled, and if you want every purchaser of this to contact CS or perhaps just the one person :wink:

Here is what they finally told me…

"To cover warranty info in detail:

The 30 day Warranty issued is by NINJA - they will serve any need within that time.

The 90 day Warranty issued by Woot will cover the item should it fail however it will only qualify for return/refund, replacements are not available for NINJA items after the sale is over.

Please let us know if you have any issue after the initial 30 day period and we can issue an RMA for return if necessary."

I do not have an issue with that (even though the listing states it is a Ninja warranty)and am hopeful it will not even be an issue. But I do worry that trying to get this done after thirty days but before ninety might be a problem if the need arises.

Best deal in a long time!

Perfect thanks and I wouldn’t worry too much Woot has good cs and their parent company has phenomenal cs.

Mind you, I wouldn’t use this for bread;)

Sigh… Well, unfortunately I AM having issues. I purchased two of these. The first one seemed fine and we used it over the weekend. However, knowing the warranty had a time limit, I opened the second tonight. The power comes on as it should, flashing red light until bowl / cup is in place, then the red light turns solid. However, it will not actually allow any of the buttons to turn the motor on. It is not due to lack of knowing how to use it, as the first one seems fine (no bread, smoothies only…)

To make matters worse… I chatted with Ninja and they said to contact Woot. I noted the 30 Day Ninja warranty mentioned in the refurbished product manual included, but they were adamant that I had to contact Woot and said they do not warrant refurbished products. I even provided a picture of the back cover of the manual which clearly states the 30 day warranty. But they said there was no warranty.

In other words, they are doing nothing for me.

How do I proceed?

I did save a copy of the chat if anyone from Woot wants to see it…

I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve had. I’ll have someone get in touch soon.

Thank you. I will try the phone number included in the manual tomorrow. I am hoping that it may be for a company that specifically warrants their refurb products and that their online chat simply was not aware.

I really would like to be able to get this fixed at this price rather than just a refund, so I am not giving up trying to work with Ninja just yet.

As a Ninja owner (not this model), I hope you get it worked out. The machines are great!

Hello… Santa brought us a Ninja BL471 (the 1500 watt model) that we have really enjoyed, so these two refurbs were to have just for smoothie duty and use the BL471 one for bigger tasks…

No luck today… Tried the number on the back of the manual but git voicemail… Tried a couple more times and did leave message but have yet to actually get hold of anyone who is willing and able to help…

CS emailed earlier; they’re checking with the buyer/vendor. Sit tight.

Will do. Thanks. And just as a correction… Santa brought us the BL771, not 471… Great machine at 1500 watts… And the working BL 780 that we bought is def powerful enough for smoothies…

Have a good night.

Here is an update…

We had bought two of these units. The first one worked fine. The second one’s base powered on when I took it out of the box, but would not actually blend anything. I let it sit for a day. But, not giving up easily, I pulled it out today.

As I was removing it from the box, I noticed I hit a screw protruding from the bottom. I noticed the screw was in a spot for a recessed screw. Comparing it to the second one we bought it definitely did not seem right…

Upon further inspection, the screw was definitely loose, so I tightened it… And the Ninja not only powered on but did blend.

Though it seems odd that a loose screw would cause it to not work, it is in fact working at the moment. I am not sure if something was not fully tightened during the refurb process or if something worked its way loose in shipping or if there is some worse problem. It really does make me wonder if something is loose inside and that tightening the screw made something sit correctly inside the Ninja’s body.

I will use it as I normally would, and if it is good for the ninety days, I think it is safe to assume all is good. If it stops again, I will use the CS email sent to me today to re contact Woot and see how to proceed.

Sound like a plan?

And… Sorry for perhaps jumping the gun on the service request. In my defense, it really did NOT work right out of the box.

Stroke of luck! Or screw of luck, I 'spose. :slight_smile:


But before the progress, the Ninja working was short lived. Literally tried to fire it up the morning after I posted it worked and it would not work. Of course not.

I did receive an email from Woot offering either a $6 credit and I can keep the parts or an RMA to send the whole thing back postage paid.

Really wanting the item to work, I continued to try the toll free warranty number on the back of the manual.

Here is what I finally found out. Even though it appears to be a Ninja manual, the number is direct to the refurbishing company, a group called PRC Industries. In other words, these were not refurbished by Ninja. That would explain why when I chatted with Ninja earlier in the week they would not cover the warranty.

After playing phone tag most of the week with PRC Industries, I finally got the voicemail of someone who responded. I was given an email address to send my invoice to, which I did.

And, lo and behold, they responded and said they would mail me a different refurbished base, sending it out next week.

While I am hesitant to think all is good until it arrives, at least I feel I am making progress.

At a minimum, I saved the Woot email offer so at a minimum can send it all back. Definitely would rather get a working machine though.

I know you probably felt a bit saddened I did not post anything yesterday. Sorry. LOL…

I was slightly under the impression that maybe you were blending happily away. Keep us updated on the saga! :tongue: