Ninja Blenders - Your Choice

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Ninja Blenders - Your Choice
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9/10/2016 - $47.99

These are great blenders. Crashes ice and making smoothie/juice in seconds. I have been using mine for 2 years w/o issue.

I purchased the Ninja BL780 last year on Woot, and love it. Use it every morning for a smoothie.

Gonna buy one of these for my sister as an apartment warming gift.

I agree with the other posters. Best blender we have ever owned.

We had one of the small ninjas that just clamped on the top of the container for years. It finally gave out and we upgraded to the full size blender. It gets used all the time for smoothies and various other things and has never been anything, but great.

Hot flash: Amazon has cut off the torrent of reviews in exchange for free or reduced prices. Should be interesting to see how the quality of reviews changes.

That’s a bummer. I’ve been hoping for years that I’d magically be picked as one of those people. :smiley: Oh well. My chances are just as equally plausible now that it’s been discontinued.

Anyway… For those that have these blenders and love them, I am curious… I used to own one and HATED it. I gave it away; the $30 one from Walmart that replaced it worked better (in terms of uniformity of blend/processing). I felt bad because it was a gift from my brother and sister, and one of the larger kits that normally cost (at the time) around $300. Regardless, because of the SQUARE jar container (mine had the food processor jar top too) the larger items of food would get trapped in the corners and the center, where the blade would actually be spinning, would liquify. I don’t know if you have the square jars (like the ones pictured here) or the round (the newer models). Did you not have these similar issues???

I have a different Ninja set than what we’re offering here today, it has all round jars. I’ve never had the issue with the corners, or “non-uniformly” blended things. I’ve had that set for close to 5 years now, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, unless it was a newer almost identical set.

That makes sense. Thanks for that heads-up. I was considering it, but you’re right: a square jar here really doesn’t make sense.

I wouldn’t rule out a blender for having a square jar. My BlendTec has a square jar and a “Wildside” jar (square jar with one corner chopped off). Both work great so it can be done, but the blender needs to be designed to suck things in from the corners.

I’d concur as well, have a Blendtec and its jars are square, never had an issue with it not working correctly. YMMV.

I’ve had one of these for almost three years now and I love it. Saying the “squareness” of the jar prevents trapped food from getting blended is inaccurate. The jar is angled towards the bottom so that even if food is trapped,if said food is liquid-y enough, it will slide to the bottom. I’ve had round blenders where I needed to use a spatula to push small bits of food to the bottom and it was never a problem.

I’ve even used this blender to “pound” Nigerian yams, and I didn’t have any problems with the food sticking to the sides. If anything, it sticks to the blade shaft.

And now I’m getting another one so I can take the old one to my other home.

Trying to decided between the 660 and the 740?
They are essentially the exact same except aesthetics.
The 660 does have a dark past with a recall.
Probably why Ninja released the 740.

My wife and I have been happy with one of the cheap ones you can get. We don’t blend everyday so maybe that’s why we don’t see it’s flaws. Last year I did use ours aggressively and didn’t have problems.

Well and the 740 comes with the cups, right? Do they work like a magic bullet? I like the aesthetics of the 660 a lot better, but if those work like a magic bullet I might be leaning toward the 740.

I own both. The magic bullet is more versatile, until the cheap little motor burns out. The Ninja by contrast is beefy, super powerful, and high quality all around. I’m impressed by small touches, like a clever way to disconnect the suction cup feet. The two really don’t compare.

We regularly make smoothies with frozen fruit, not sure I could do that with the MB.

Thank you. Like others say, I’m sure it depends what you are blending etc, but I get enough peanut butter stuck on the side and these do look square which is an odd choice. Think I will hold off!

i’m trying to discern what the difference is between these blenders -especially the 2nd and 3rd models?

Don’t change your mind based on that comment. I’ve been using the “square” one for three years and never experienced anything less than perfection.

The 660 does too, the 601 doesn’t.