Ninja CN301CO Ice Cream Maker, S&D

Ninja CN301CO Ice Cream Maker, S&D

We have the 5 in 1 model & LOVE it! We make all kinds of allergy friendly frozen treats like icees, yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, etc. I would love to buy this 7 in 1 model for the gelato feature, but it’s not in that budget at this point.

The worst part about this is you have to freeze the ingredients about 12-24 hours ahead of time. We actually figured out we can avoid the wait if we remember to keep the containers frozen & ready to go in the freezer.

You can’t use frozen fruit in this & the recipes call for canned fruit, which we don’t use. We use frozen fruit (bought in big bags), & blend whatever mixture we come up with in our Vitamix & then pour it into the containers. It works perfectly! We save money not buying canned fruit, no aluminum is in the food from cans, & we can make any flavor we want. The easiest lemon icee we make is from homemade lemonade with lemon juice & either cane sugar or raw honey. So refreshing! My favorite ice cream flavors we make are mint chocolate chip or chocolate mint chocolate chip & chocolate peanut butter…we use mini chips that are stirred in via the “mix-in” cycle…the peanut butter gets blended in the original mixture in the Vitamix. Other high power blenders should also work well.


There’s light scuffing around the top, actually not a lot more than the open box one I bought. SCORE!

(Assuming it works, testing it tonight.)

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