Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, Glass Carafe, Silver

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Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, Glass Carafe, Silver
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 07 to Thursday, Feb 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Mmm factory reconditioned.

Nice and clean on the inside.


I bought two of these a while back when it came with an insulated carafe. One for myself and one as a gift. My biggest complaint is that this product does not come with an adequate heating elememt. On both models the coffee comes out very warm, but I would not consider it hot.
I checked some other online reviews and this seems to be a common complaint.

My wife and I prefer french press in the morning but we bought one of these when our college kids came home last Christmas. It worked and continues to work really well. Kids had fun with experimenting with espressos and cold coffee drinks. Regular coffee is not bad at all and just the right temperature for me. I don’t like it lukewarm and prefer not to burn my tongue either so this was just right. Kids gone so we’re back to french press but we use it every other weekend or so when we want a bigger pot.

I think there’s a newer “V2” model out… I bought my in-laws one from Kohl’s this past Black Friday. When I plugged it in and switched it to single cup, it began a 3 minute pre-heating cycle.

Unit may be refurbished but they didn’t do a good job. When you start brewing the unit leaks, so the 4 oz cup fills 8 oz. No return policy means I am stuck.
Refurbished means not fixed.

Bought mine reconditioned from WOOT in May 2017. Going strong. I like the 24 hour timer and my coffee comes out plenty hot. Maybe not Starbucks hot, but close. I usually make a full pot at a time which comes out to roughly 40-42 ounces of coffee. I’d buy it again.

we got one of these back in november, DOA. Don’t recommend getting one.

I got the V2 version from woot refurbished late last year and had problems (as did many others, a bad batch I guess). I contacted Ninja, they replaced the whole thing for free. EXCELLENT customer service, so perhaps you are not as stuck as you think.

Don’t do it! Got a similar one in December. DOA, runs for five seconds and shuts off. When you try to make a warranty claim, they want $20 to “ship” the part. Reviews of other refurbs from this company on Amazon show a lot of similar experiences. This is how they get around consumer protection laws. They take units that were returned to retail stores, stick them on sites like this one as “refurbished” (when they are still just plain defective), and then charge money to fix the unit “under warranty”, “for shipping”. SCAM.

[MOD: See my post below. Manufacturer identified the issue.]

I am on my second one. The “clean” light comes on and won’t go off even after cleaning the unit. They replaced the first one, the second time they told me “well that light doesn’t really mean anything anyway”. So we are stuck with one that has no clock display, just flashes CLN day and night. Won’t be buying another one… “Fool me once”…

I’m sorry for the problem. We’ve always allowed for returns on damaged or defective items within the return period.

We’ve also updated our return policy. You can see a link in my signature.

I bought a refurb unit on Amazon and it leaked. I contacted Amazon and they had another unit to me in 2 days,no charges for shipping. I have used this unit multiple times daily for over 2 months and it works perfect.I duplicate Starbucks specialty drinks for my wife and she loves them. I make a couple Travel size regular coffees each and they are great. Well worth the price.

I bought two last year. One didn’t get opened immediately as it was a gift. When it was set up, it didn’t work. Too late to return it, I had spent over $150 between product and shipping, my recipient got nothing.

Is this like a Keurig, with water always inside the machine that can’t be emptied?

I got one for my birthday over 2 years ago and i can tell you for someone who consumes coffee more than Don Pablo, this is the best coffee maker that i have ever owned in my 50 years of existence on this planet.

However, don’t get a refurb, but get a new one.’

I have the thermal carafe model. My only complaint is that it constantly wants to be cleaned.
I almost threw it away because it would die halfway through a pot with water still in the reservoir. Keep plenty of vinegar on hand and be prepared to clean it 4 or 5 times if it starts to die during a brew. The clean me light on the bottom is on and won’t go off. Wait, I guess that’s another complaint.

No, it can be emptied or replaced. Its a screw on/off operation.

I clean mine with water and vinegar, and it gives me a good week before it starts blinking again