Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, Glass Carafe, Silver

You do know that’s normal for it to pause after 5 seconds right? It fills the filter basket with water and lets it soak in before starting the full cycle.

You should use Purified water for the water reservoir only - that’s what I do and don’t get the “Clean Me” light for at least 2 months. I own a Certified Refurbished Ninja Coffee bar CF090C0 - no issues whatsoever.

We have one and I like it. I use it all the time.

The only issue I have now is that the hot light on the plate doesn’t light up anymore. Not sure if the whole plate is not working or just the light. Anyone else seen that?

You should call the phone number that is on the warranty card.

Hi guys. We are aware of the problems with a recent (different)
coffee bar we sold.

We made the manufacturer aware and they took care of all customers that contacted our CS.

They identified the source of the problem and have tested these to make sure there’s no issue.

IF it matters to you, and I well understand that it doesn’t to many, note that this does NOT make espresso. Rather, it simply has an “espresso setting” to make bolder/stronger coffee than usual with which to try to approximate the flavor of an espresso drink.

Funny: I associate the Ninja brand with blenders, but this device does not chop/grind the beans.

I have the same machine with the thermal carafe when Woot offered it about a year and a half ago. The water reservoir sometimes leaks if it isn’t twisted in super tight. I finally decided that once I had it seated correctly, I would just leave it and bring the pitcher to fill it. Otherwise, the machine is fabulous.

The clean light has never come on. Never. I use water from a Britta filter pitcher. Coffee still tastes great but now I’m wondering if my clean sensor is broken.

I have one of these. I really like it except that for some reason it stops making full cups, etc. because something gets clogged. Even after cleaning as instructed and the Clean light being off, the problem persists. Otherwise a great coffee bar.

Same, got the one in December and DOA. I would avoid at all costs