Ninja Coffee Bar® Glass Carafe System

Ninja Coffee Bar® Glass Carafe System

I have purchased so many of these and given as gifts and I LOVE my Ninja coffee bar. There just isn’t anything else out there like it. It is not without issues though… you have to use filtered water and run the clean cycle regularly (and sometimes include vinegar in the cleaning, which means you have to run the cycle again to ensure your coffee won’t taste like vinegar). Mine is starting to act up more often than not, so I might have to buy one of these as a backup. Be sure you open it as soon as you get it though and ensure it is operational because if it isn’t and you don’t return it to woot, returning it to the company that tefurbishes them costs more than the coffee maker itself and the company won’t cover the shipping. I had one I paid $50 for that wouldn’t work and it was going to cost me $70 to ship it to be fixed. Thankfully woot took it back!


I have to add… it’s kind of ironic that I’m standing here typing this right now waiting for the clean cycle to finish so I can make my coffee.

Are you stalking me, woot? :open_mouth:


Sipping on a nice strong iced coffee just made from my Ninja coffee bar. I paid much more than this and considering getting this one as a backup.


I love coffee but just don’t have the counter space for this. :frowning: The struggle is real.

God damn it Woot, I am totally buying this aren’t I?

Those Amazon reviews are scary though. A lot of people saying it stop working after 3-6 months and Ninja charges you to fix it. Probably why we are seeing them reconditioned on Woot.

Google Ninja 5 beeps of death. ( Seems like if you have hard water, calcium deposits will be the death of this machine.


Use citric acid instead of vinegar, works better and doesn’t leave the vinegar taste. But yeah distilled or filtered water is best.

One more important thing, don’t heat milk in it. A girl at work wanted hot milk and the Ninja gets hot so… Yeah, I was able to save it but it wasn’t good.


You have to be adament about running the cleaning cycle and only using filtered water. I also have to admit that this model seems a lot less forgiving and more likely to break than the newer models (sorry, woot. :frowning: ). But if you get a good one and take care of it, you will love it!


I have bought so many different machines but this one has not failed me yet and if asked I will recommend it to everyone that asks. Thanks w00t for the deal!!!

I purchased this refurbished model from woot a few weeks ago. It is awesome. However, be warned, it does not come with the reusable filter nor does it come with the scoop. I ordered both from ninja for a total of approximately $25 total. That being said, I am super thrilled with this machine.

And that’s how I purchased my slightly used Ninja Bar for $10 from a thrift store. It needed a cleaning cycle.

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Ninja coffee bar owners are like Jaguar owners.

“I love my (Ninja/Jaguar), because it works perfectly with no issues as long as you only use it within these 10 highly restrictive parameters, follow a frequent and expensive maintenance program and sacrifice a baby goat once a month. They’re so awesome that I’ve bought three of them because eventually it costs less to replace than to fix. I currently own two, in case one breaks. They’re super expensive new, but you can pick up a cheap pre-owned one just about anywhere; I wonder why there’s such a glut of refurbished ones?”

(I own a Ninja) :sweat_smile:


Also applies to Land Rovers too. If it weren’t for the ‘Bumper to Bumper’ warranty, I think Doug’s would have been buried like Hoovie’s years ago.

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Great, now i read these comments after i clicked BUY. I haven’t watched the 5 beeps of death video yet, I’m scared. How long is the warranty on this thing? My coffee addicted butt was so excited. Please coffee Gods, don’t let mine suck or get beeps of death!

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Warranty: 90 Day Warranty.

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Surprised you would visit this thread since you don’t drink coffee

Helpfulness has no boundaries. :slight_smile:


Buyer beware. Read all the reviews on Amazon and other websites and you will see this model is fraught with problems. My The clean light started going on within the first 30 days and then every couple days thereafter. When I called them on the warranty they said to ignore it. I paid full price for the machine and didnt want to ignore an obvious defect. When I asked them to fix it they said they charge me to send it back to be fixed under warranty. Their customer service is terrible on all the timeI like the concept of this machine and despite my dissatisfaction

Any hard water buildup is enough to trigger the clean light; it took two vinegar cycles to clean mine out. In the manual for my model:

The Clean button will illuminate when your Ninja Coffee Bar™ senses there is a calcium build up on your machine, which could be affecting the flavor of your coffee.

Hi, possibly stupid question. Does anyone know of this comes with the accessories a new system would, the carafe and filter ect…

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Carafe, yes.
Filter, no.