Ninja Coffee Bar® Glass Carafe System


Ours came today the top is pretty scratched up, and if factory reconditioned? It still had old grinds all over. The measuring spoon from the side is missing. Going to try the unit see if it works. Would have thought it would have been much cleaner. The Carafe lid is pretty scuffed up, so this unit has been well used before it went back.

Some what disappointed. The overall condition and look is about on par with a thrift store buy.

Just fired up the one we got in today. Was surprised to find the reuseable filter (that the description specifically said was NOT included) in the box. Needed a little cleanup, but nothing major. Went to run the recommended cycles through before brewing and the “Classic Brew” button doesn’t work. Everything else seems to be fine, but I can’t brew a normal pot of coffee :frowning:

Just got mine. Everything was factory wrapped. Filter and scoop came with it. No damage on the outside. Looks like a brand new unit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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You dropped this. \



Never worked. I received it, plugged it in, and hit brew. It beeped and wouldn’t brew anything. The customer service representative wouldn’t send me a replacement without me paying a $9.95 shipping fee – even though it was broken when I got it and never worked. Sending it back to Woot for a full refund.

Replaced my Cuisinart (pot on one side, travel (Keurig cup compatible) on the other.
Smaller than the Cuisinart, so the countertop footprint is way better!
Figured out the “stop drip” will cause it to scream at you and not work. Handy feature for those of us standing in front of it at 4am before the brain has engaged with the body; preventing watery grounds all over.
Love the reservoir! Keeps watery coffee out of the pipes!
Love the versatility…but
Bummer part: this one has a defect: it only makes one size cup. :sob::sob::sob:
Came here to just buy another one without the hassle of packing/returning, but they’re sold out!:sob::sob::sob:

I just opened the box. Looks brand new!!! Came with new filter and scoop! Another awesome deal from Woot!! Thank you Woot! :):grinning: