Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Digital AirFry Oven, S&D

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Digital AirFry Oven, S&D

Have had one of these for quite a while - its my go to appliance, rarely use the microwave bc of it

Love the fact that I can put something in to bake (etc) and set the time and when the time is up, it turns off - yay, no more getting busy and forgetting you have something in the oven and it burns

It also is so nice to use on a hot day - doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven does

I find that things cook faster than in an oven

Works great for the fresh made meal trays that Sam’s Club and Costco have - the fit great and cook much faster


Great price on a product I’ve had my eye on for a while. Two concerns.

First is that there seem to be a lot of S&D Ninja 9-1 products available (from various retailers) - is there a reason?

Second is that I’m always concerned that S&D items may have more damage than I am willing to accept. If I get one that is disfigured more than I want to accept, is it returnable? I’m not sure that the Woot 90-day warranty allows returns on a S&D item if it has a big dent on the side.


@Wooter825352529 Questions! I’m so glad to see someone who actually has one of these!
1 - Is it easy enough to get to the insides to clean?
2 - How hot does it get outside? Like, above, on the sides, and especially below it? I fear for my countertops. They aren’t fancy granite or anything like that. (I could buy something like that to set it on if I had to, I guess … :thinking:)


Howdy. You have a 30-day return period. If you’re not happy with it, you can return it. Here’s our return policy:

Woot! FAQ


I’ll weigh in with my experience, until Wooter825382829 chimes in.

  1. The oven is pretty short (top to bottom) and has a tight-ish opening. There is a removable crumb tray, everything (rack, basket, baking sheet) inside is removable and dishwasher safe. The only thing left would be the elements. They’re not bad, but a little tight.
  2. It gets pretty warm on top. There is a “HOT” warning embossed into it. That being said, I don’t feel like it’s a burn hazard.

A couple of other things. I love the fact that you can add or subtract time on the fly. It makes a great toaster, can legitimately bake stuff, and the accessories are great. One big con. It is not an air fryer. It has an air fry setting, but it’s a pale comparison to an actual, dedicated air fryer. That being said, I use it a ton and am very happy with it.


If the item being returned is not damaged or defective, we’ll deduct the prepaid cost of return shipping from the refund.

Really curious because I’ve never done, or even imagined a Woot! return, but using the original question about intolerable s&d-ness, would that be considered damaged? Or, since damage is quite literally in the description, what might the return shipping deduction on something like be?

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It doesn’t matter. If you don’t like it, send it back.

I bought one and there were 3 minor scratches on the top from the packaging or something. didn’t bother me.

each one is unique though so YMMV



Received mine yesterday, and so far am very pleased. For the price I was concerned about the condition it would arrive in. To my surprise, it appeared brand new, just some mild surface scratching on the top. Nothing that wouldn’t have happened with use anyways.

Received mine today. There are small dents on the top and the sheet pan doesn’t fit under the air fry basket. Working ok except for those issues. Going to reach out to support to see what I can do about the pan not fitting.