Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Digital AirFry Oven, S&D

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Digital AirFry Oven, S&D

Bought it from Costco and returned few days later. Pros: none that I can think of. Negs: opening is very narrow, you can barely fit a regular pizza/bagel with not much room to spare, and getting your food out of the hot oven requires some finesse. Metal surface gets extremely hot to the touch. As an air frier it’s abysmal. Hot air is circulated via a very small fan located in the back of the oven, resulting in prolonged and uneven cooking. Frozen chicken wings that take about 10 minutes in my “traditional” bucket style air frier, took almost 30 minutes and were still nowhere as crispy. Thank god for Costco’s easy return policy.


I absolutely love and use this oven just about daily to bake muffins, make a sheet pan of roasted veggies and chicken for the week, pizza, and other stuff.

Your assessment about this oven’s air fry capabilities is spot on. I gave away my bucket style air fryer when I ordered this one and was very disappointed. it truly is abysmal as an air fryer. You can’t shake up a basket of wings or fries in this oven. You have to flip each one and it just does not cook the same at all as the buckets. Night and day difference. Extremely uneven cooking. All other functions of this oven are terrific.

I didn’t want to deal with another appliance in my tiny kitchen (I had a Cuisinart grill that I used often) so I replaced the Cuisinart with a Ninja Foodi and use that for grilling (which it does fantastically), baking larger items and air frying. So happy to have a more bucket like air fryer.

Edited to add: Hopefully, these won’t be too badly dented and scratched. When I bought mine maybe a year ago from here, it sayd they were refurbished and I remember there were people who got very damaged ones. These specifically saying “s&d” would have me a little worried but for the price, it may be worth a shot, especially since returning it is pretty easy if you get a bad one.

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I just bought one of these at CostCo for $170!!

So far we’re pretty happy with it over the standard toaster oven that was replaced.

We air fried some raw potatoes and they came out great – yes a little uneven in the middle but that’s easily solved by mixing them up halfway through.

Toasting bread, flat rounds or bagels seemed pretty good (and 1/2 the time of our toaster oven), but yeah, getting things out is a little tricky due to the narrow opening.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it (>4.x reviews on amazon). Not sure if I want to take it back to CostCo and buy a S+D version here.

Or maybe buy the S+D one here and just return that to CostCo!! (LOL j/k)

I’m sorry you payed that much for what’s pretty much a horizontal wide-slot toaster. For $100 less you could have bought one that does a lot more and it’s still available to buy

Bought one of these from Woot! a while back. Works OK, but with the reservations noted above. The opening is not very big, limiting the height of what one can put in the trays. It tends to overcook in the rear, so food needs to be moved around. There is real danger of burning one’s fingers and hands trying to bring the trays out of the oven when hot. I use tongs or an oven mitt as a pot rag doesn’t afford enough protection.

It does fold up and that saves a bit of counter space and is fairly easy to clean as the bottom pan comes off allowing access to the interior. The rack, pan, and tray are dishwasher safe. We leave it down most of the time, and put things on top of it, which must be removed when using the unit as the top can get quite warm. Having to move stuff to use it is a bit of a deterrent to using the unit, along with the difficulty of getting the hot trays out.

I have a couple of regular “bucket” air fryers, which I use far more often, which should tell you something right away, if you’re considering getting one of these.

On the whole, I wouldn’t recommend this unit.