Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

No dehydrating function. Would be really nice if the functions offered on this model were listed somewhere so people would know what they are getting without having to look at the discussion forum or google the model. Geeze.

Well, we can really see who Woot! targets in their advertisement… Definitely not the folks who remember Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen. Got it.

NY Strip Steaks in a pressure cooker…
That’s Perverted!

Seriously, don’t even talk to me right now

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Yeah…you have to dig into the specs to see that it’s an OP300. No dehydrator. That’s on the 302+

Beats microwaving them, I suppose :slightly_smiling_face:

It could be worse. They could have been cooking them from frozen.

you can buy the dehydrator accessory Cheapskate

I think those might be rib eyes. Lord help me but I’ve been considering buying one of these since this morning. Kohls though has a sale right now on Instant Pots.

I really don’t need another counter-gobbling kitchen appliance.

Get one, and when you don’t even remove it from its box 7 weeks later, I’ll gladly let you pay me to take it.

That is, I fear, exactly what would happen. This Ninja thing looks to be extra bulky too.

They appear to be selling at a pretty good clip though.

You fear me telling you that I’ll only take it from you if you pay me?

I considered that wording before I posted it. “I fear” isn’t exactly what I meant, but my back is hurting and I don’t feel like exploring alternative descriptors.

But I do want a rib eye steak for dinner now.


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they are truly ginormous

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Yes they are. But it is much smaller than the broiler in my oven and using it does not heat up my kitchen like using my oven. Had the Foodi for over a year now and use it almost daily. Especially during the summer.