Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

Wow! The price on this keeps plummeting. Soon you’ll be paying us to take it! I love mine.


Scratch and dent; stuff returned to Amazon that they’re trying to get rid of.

Does this model make yogurt? Cook rice?

Why, yes. Yes it does. I’m very impressed with the capabilities of this machine.

Is Scratch and Dent a brand of Ninja ? :rofl:

Does this include the dehydrate function?

Any pictures on the scratch and dents would be great

Does this refurbished model come with a warranty?

Never mind I see it only comes with a 90 day warranty. Not that great:(

But then you’d get different dents that don’t match the picture, so you’d complain “no, I wanted that dent there!”

Assuming this is like Amazon Warehouse Deals, (and experience with phone stuff), it could be anything from totally new with no signs of use, to a dent in the BOX only, so a dent or scratch in the outer body or the cooker which wouldn’t affect performance, or perhaps to one of the accessories. It is supposed to be fully functional and safe so there should not be any major damage.

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Considering that the entire shell is plastic, this would be more scratch than dent.

Mine just arrived and it looks to be in fine shape. Couple tiny chips on the rim of the fryer basket and the nameplate is slightly scuffed. Other than that it looks great.

Dishwashing what I can right now, and hand washed the rest. Am really looking forward to doing a pressure test and then getting down to business.

Edit: pressure test and air crisper went fine, though the coil stinks at the moment.

Shame it didn’t come with a hard copy of the cookbook. I thought this model did, but it appears I was mistaken. It’s just a .pdf in the description of the product.

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Opened mine today. Only a 2" scuff on the face of the unit. Seems to work fine and recognizes both lids. I notice in the “features” tab in the description it lists “recipe book”, but this was not in the box. As I’m typing this, I now realize that this is actually a link to a PDF file. This is also the case with the “Quick Start Guide”. Very eager to try it out (unfortunately it is a Christmas gift for my wife, so I guess I’ll have to wait!).

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You should at least perform the pressure test one day while she’s away. I ordered one on another woot and it’s been a problem. I have to say though, Ninja has been awesome. First they quickly sent me a new lid and since that didn’t work, I’m sending them the whole unit back today and they are sending me a new/replacement unit as soon as they receive confirmation of shipping. They haven’t made me wait in the phone long or jump through any hoops… they just keep striving to ensure I get a working foodi. They don’t even care that I bought it from woot. <3