Ninja Master Prep™ Pro

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Ninja Master Prep? Pro
Price: $34.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Walmart has some excellent reviews

Good Reviews over at Target

I have an older version of the Ninja I bought off of Woot several years ago and I LOVE it.

I got one of these from woot several years ago and it still works great. I know people who buy different kinds for hundreds of $ and they don’t work nearly as well as this one. Plus it’s always highly rated by consumer report.

I Love my Ninja. I bought this set years ago and still love it. With several pieces it DOES take up more room in the cabinet but I use it for so many things and it’s never failed me. Compared to what I paid years ago, this is an amazing deal.

These things are awesome. I can make a mean salsa in just a few minutes.

Bought one of these a couple years ago. In less than two weeks, the plastic piece that drives the beater was stripped. If you don’t get the power unit just exactly right, that will happen in an instant, and it cannot be repaired.

As others have already posted, I bought mine off Woot! too (in 2011) and it still works fantastically. If you cut an onion in half and put in there you only have to tap the pulser a second at a time. Otherwise, it’ll be minced faster than you know it. The blades are extremely sharp. Take even more care than usual when washing the blades by hand. Also, the price on Woot! back in 2011 was well under this price. I don’t know if they’ll allow me to say the price so I won’t. I compared on other websites and they were all around a hundred bucks or so. The Woot! price was so low I thought it might have been an error. This price is still a steal even for a refurb IMO.

Two weeks?! At least it was under warranty. I have two, both off of woot!, one like this one & another that has a immersion blender attachment (LOVE IT!).

This one does have to be situated just right for it to work, & I guess I’ve come close to stripping it but it’s never happened. Sure spun it on that plastic piece a lot.

Yes, I love my Ninja(s). This is a good price & if it doesn’t sell out they got a million of them.


I bought this from target as a Christmas present to my girlfriend, she loves it. Has worked awesomely so far, only thing I don’t like is how the lids that the motor sets into are molded. They’re shaped to make the motor fit on top but on the inside that makes a tiny crevice that stuff likes to get stuck in. I usually use a knife to get up in there, but even then it’s pretty difficult.

This blender is the ultimate multi-tasker, I use it for everything now. Here are a few of the less obvious applications I’ve found for it.

[]Pulse flour and other dry ingredients in the medium pitcher while baking for 5 seconds instead of sifting.
]Pulse small batches of cubed meat in five second intervals to grind it to any desired coarseness.
[]Mill grits into cornmeal of any desired coarseness.
]Quickly bring together emulsions like mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce (drizzle the oil in through the pour spout).
[]Make amazing hummus super easily.
]Cut solid fats into flour for making pie dough, biscuits, or tortillas.

Basically, I can confirm the claim that this is a food processor as well as a blender, and I don’t know how I lived without it for so long!

This has only a 90 day warranty and is a factory reconditioned item. Any thoughts on this?

Any problems on not working if water gets in the base when cleaning?

Bought 2 as Christmas gifts… Love mine the girls are gonna love theirs…

I had to dig for it, but this was only $19.99 back on Order Date:May 14, 2011

I knew I bought one! Works well but probably only used it 12x

Same item, same specs, better pictures

Thanks for posting that link. I read through the horror stories of those who got the refurbs and had all kinds of quality control issues (from broken parts to food particles on the inside) and figure I can spring for a little extra to get a new one if I become convinced on this product.

It does have a different model number… something must be different… other than the model number.

Yes, I had the same problem. The male and female parts that transfer power from the motor to the blade assembly are both plastic. The motor is powerful enough to completely destroy this linkage if the parts aren’t fully engaged. I consider this a major design flaw.

One use by my teenage son was enough to completely trash the thing. The store would not take it back since I had recycled all of the packaging. Would not buy one of these again for this reason.

On my Oster blender, both of these components are metal.