Ninja Mega Kitchen System

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System
Price: $99.99
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Near perfect reviews from Best Buy

Ninja Mega Kitchen Product Page

I got one of these a few months ago and it’s terrific! I never had much love for food processors before, because they always seemed to turn my efforts to pulp, but somehow this one gets it right. I have used all of the parts except for the dough blade, so I can’t report on that, but I’ve nearly mastered the art of the caramel frappe (without so many calories) and my snow crab salad and guacamole have been great.

Great reviews over at

Does it come with a real ninja?

I bought this from a local store on sale for about $179… Same set. I’ve been using it daily for about eight months. Food processor is okay, but as I only use it every other week, it’s good for me. This is a great alternative to the more expensive options… Good value.

The Pro’s:
Powerful blender (I make smoothies daily with beets, greens, apples or oranges, and frozen berries… I cut items into about 2 inch chunks for large blender and a little smaller for single serve).

Two different size blender options.

Easy clean up.

Makes frozen desserts well (frozen banana “ice cream”).

The Con’s:
There is no way to add ingredients to food processor as you are using it. So that limits applications.

Its loud - as you would expect.

The “travel cups” suck. The seal is crap/doesn’t fit right (and no, I haven’t put it in dish washer)… And the fact that it has an opening in the lid all the time is a turn off.

Plastic - you can’t make hot soups, etc in this.

Learning Curve:
Lining up pins/arrows to get lid on. I find it easy and have not had anything break on me, but some reviewers complain about them.

I like mine and use it daily so it does sit out.Keep in mind that it has a large footprint, is heavy, and won’t fit under most cabinets when put together.

With all of that being said, I would jump on it at this price.

I literally bought this set one week ago today for a “good” price of $175.

I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to use it for much, but it’s met my needs so far. I did choose this set because of the food processor. It’s a huge footprint, but smaller than having both a high quality blender and food processor as separate devices.

I completely agree with this. They suck as “travel” cups. They just aren’t designed for it. That being said, it’s super convenient just to use them for making smoothies anyway. You can pour the result into a real travel cup and still have the advantage of less cleanup then using the full blender.

We got the non-mega Ninja system a couple years ago, and it’s just about the best thing ever. The blades are crazy sharp (ouch) and take almost no time to shred their way through whatever you’re chopping up.

If you don’t already own a ninja, you really oughta.

I have this system. LOVE it! Single serve cups ok. I prefer using the main blender container for my frozen fruit milk protein powder smoothies because the multiple level blades purée the fruit better than one set of blades at the bottom.

I like the idea of the other blenders that allow you to add ingredients while processing but so far stopping processing and adding ingredients has worked well for me. I don’t make my own dressings or mayonaise so not being able to add a gradual stream of liquid isn’t a big deal to me. I guess if you are really careful you could pour liquids down the open spout.

Best smoothie maker ever!

Anyone compare this to the $500 Vitamix setup we saw being demo’d at Costco the other day?

It does, but you’ll never see him…

Should I buy this.

Will I use this.

Do I really want this.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I bit. I am concerned about the warranty, though. Seems like some of the reviews on Amazon were negative about durability, and they also complained about the customer service. That being said, every one I know that has one, loves it. We will see.

I have been researching juicers and the Ninja came up as great alternative. From what I understand, it pulverizes fruit and vegies so you get all the nutrients, not just the juice. I didn’t pull the trigger and buy one because it was almost 200 bucks. This seems like a great deal to me even thought I already have a Cuisinart food processor and a Waring blender. I won’t get rid of my Cuisinart, but I may have to get rid of my blender now. I’m very excited and hope this meets my expectations!

We have been using it for the past 3 month. Love it. Powerful and crush ice cubes in seconds. So far, we use the little smoothy cups the most. Very convenient. Oh, the quality is very good too. Highly recommend it.

I really really need the dough blade from this, I already have everything else its just missing that for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

While I do not use the entire system that often, I do use the smaller ninja’s all the time to chop and blend and just all around mush stuff up! In fact just yesterday I used it to mushify a pumpkin to use for pumpkin pie.

I don’t know about the Ninja, but the Vitamix I have had for a couple years rocks. The blade is fixed in the container, which I like and makes it easy to clean. Fab warranty as well.

Just got mine today. Looks to be in good shape, except the main pitcher is pretty badly scratched up on the inside. I really hope it’s safe to use like this. The warranty seems pretty much useless, as you have to pay for shipping both ways plus $10.95 handling (and this doesn’t include labor costs.) Plus if they decide not to cover it, you’re out of luck.
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