Ninja® Mega Kitchen System®

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Ninja? Mega Kitchen System?
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Its tempting, but the last thread had multiple reports of terrible handling, with the blade being loose inside the blender, causing scratches and holes.

My wife was making bread dough… in the machine she bought on woot about a week ago… last night and the dough got too tough and the blades got stuck and the motor started to smoke.

Seems to be ok now but we are debating returning it now.

so . . . the bowl in bowl picture looks like the veggies (?) are cut up in squares by a knife and then put in the food processor. I’m looking for a food processor that doesn’t make mush out of veggies when I’m just trying to chop/dice them. Does anyone know if this makes mush out of the veggies or do they really come out looking as nice as the picture (much doubt about that - knife may be the only way to get good diced/chopped veggies) just wondering . . . .

I have had some luck with the Ninja brand. Mostly I’m getting this to replace my Nutri Ninja Pro.

ETA: the picture is most likely depicting the pre-blended state.

I have never seen a blender turn vegetables into anything but some form of mush. If you’re looking for something to chop vegetables into chunks, a knife is pretty much the only way to go (you can try a Slap Chop type thing but…). Take the money you’d spend on a blender and buy a German steel prep and chef’s knife. You really only need 2 knives, the rest are pretty optional.

Think of it this way, the Ninja brand spends a crap ton of money trying to convince people that their blender pulverizes and combines stuff better than any other blender. I have a Ninja (not this one), I like it a lot. I wish mine had the type of base that could accept the smoothie cup, but bygones.

Thanks . . . good advice. It was wishful thinking to get a machine to do my chopping for me . . … will look into better knives