Ninja Nutri Ninja Pro

What does the BL482 come with? It it shown with two here and three on Amazon.

It will come as shown. Ninja combines their models in so many different configurations. It makes for a difficult time when setting up sales, price comping, etc.

So two cups and lids then, correct?

Well darn. Now I’m not sure. The features imply one. I’m asking the buyer. It’s the holiday so may be tomorrow.

If its two I’m in, I’ll check in later/tomorrow

It comes with two: an 18 ounce and a 24 ounce.

talk about your fast shipping!! Ninja has arrived! Thanks Woot!

Since it’s refurbished, will it come with the original box?

I don’t have information on this specifically but most refurbished/reconditioned items come in a white or brown box.