Ninja on a bicycle

This shirt is red…

Truth in advertising! This shirt is exactly what it says it is…

or is it?

W.T.F. great graphic, lame text

Don’t blame the ninja for his unstealthy ways-- he thought he was going to be on a black shirt.

Fixed gear = thumbs down.

Ceci n’est pas une ninja sur une bicyclette

Are ninjas allowed to be hipsters?

Are hipsters allowed to be ninjas?

Two bike shirts within a very short period. Is woot trying to get us to go out and exercise more?

Ninjas would ride fixies…shifting makes too much noise.

In a duel between Ninja on a bicycle and Chuck Norris on a bicycle, who would win?

My son used to wear his ninja suit and ride his bicycle — fortunately he outgrew that stage.

This guy is such a ninja, he leaves no footprints. Not even carbon footprints.

Ninja please

That’s so abstruse.

I mean I thought snakes on planes was silly, but now we have ninjas on bicycles.

I am eagerly awaiting sharks on a tractor.

Wait… Shouldn’t we just see the bike?

Can he ride his bike with no handlebars? No handlebars?

nin-ja stole, nin-ja stole my bike.

With the nice weather lately, everyone’s getting outside.

Red shirt of death! Cycle of doooom.