Ninja Pride

The wait is over! New ninja shirt!

Thanks, DoOomcat.

Congratulations on the cute & humorous Derby win, DoOomcat! :slight_smile:

Yay!! another one for the collection!

What exactly different between standard vs premium ? More of a vibrant color ?
Is that mean if I order the premium , mine won’t get shrink in half after first wash ?

Last time I ordered, premium was American Made only!! Slightly slimmer and lighter but still 100% cotton. Now it sez “Manufactured In: USA, Central America, Vietnam or Bangladesh”
To answer yur question: Standard is slightly thicker material and made to size. (minimum shrinkage)
Premium: Slightly thinner and sized smaller. Perfect if you like a snug fit.
Neither shrink a lot, but the premium is sized smaller so it might matter.
Hope that helps

Here’s the announcement post, with my followup post/opinion below it.

The old American Apparel always was. The new “American” Apparel is not.

I personally found the standard Anvil shirts to shrink way too much, even line dried. The old AA shirts and the current Canvas ones have held up much much better.

“Right in the balls! Atta way, kid!”