Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional Blender
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OK reviews (2.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

2.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon does not constitute as “OK reviews”, more like “Avoid this junk at all costs!”

We’ve got a ninja blender. Not really a fan of their blade design. Traditional blenders create a vortex that sucks objects down and mixes them which creates smooth mixes. The ninja doesn’t do that so things like ice will have bigger pieces and a grainier texture.

I appreciate this review more than a youtube of someone who has never used a blender before and gets scared because it… starts to make a blended drink…yeah ice being destroyed is pretty loud, but everyone will be okay.

I bought the 1000W Ninja from here (Woot). I’ve been using it to make Kale, Blueberries, Carrots, Lemon, Lime… Juice drinks… add ice… I have to tell you the drinks are delicious! And Nutritious.

Think about the ingredients I just mentioned. Oh I also add “POM” (pomegranate juice) … I make a big blender full of this mix keep it in the fridge for about a day… when I take it from the fridge… a lot of the stuff settles … So I just put it back on the blender for a quick mix and I pour a glass… I can actually feel the power in putting these healthy fruits and vegetables in my body. Since doing this my exercise duration has seriously increased!! Like double the amount of work out time. I am losing weight and gaining muscle… And some times I substitute the drink for a meal.

It’s a good idea to have a Juicer and this one does the job for me.

  • One question I do wonder about is the ‘blade sharpness’ life. And if there is a way to sharpen the blades after a prolonged period of time?

I have several Ninja products. I use them in a professional kitchen and they work like a dream. Excellent investment.

Why do you think the reviewers at Wal-Mart seemed to love while the reviewers at Amazon seemed to hate it?

Note this is a PLASTIC jug. If your main use for this is to make smoothies with frozen strawberries or the like, get a glass jug (nothing ruins a batch of smoothy like playing guess where the clear plastic pieces ended up…)

My guess on amazon vs wallmart is a different target market…

And second the complaint about the blade design, had the jug not broke I would have been happy enough to keep using it… went with a glass jugged oster and aside from needing a new “accessory kit” have been quite happy for over 4 years of almost daily frozen strawberry smoothie making (knock wood)

There is a rule of thumb that people who are unhappy are way more likely to leave a review than a satisfied customer.

Add on top of this that there are now folks who are employed to leave positive reviews for their company’s products and negative for the competitors and it gets even more muddled.

All this at the end of the day just makes reviews less reliable.

Got one of these bad boys. Blade and blade setup is kinda weird, but gets the job done.

Seems more of a review of your health drink habits than the blender, but thanks. I’m sure they are tasty.

Make sure you find out how you can return the Ninja blender; their return policy, etc. I purchases one and did not use it for some time. It works when it wants to, sometimes not working at all. In all fairness to
Woot, I have not tried to send it back; didn’t keep shipping container, etc. but just wanted to warn others who purchase. I see this at a low price advertised quite frequently and wondered if others have been returning defective Ninjas from Woot to be resold as refurbished.

Beware when you clean the Ninja blades… they’re very sharp. I still have a cut healing on my middle finger from trying to clean mine this weekend. :-/

The Ninja blender by itself isn’t all that great for things like smoothies… I got the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender from here at woot, and it comes with two single serve blending cups. They have their own blades, and they’re PERFECT for making smoothies.

The BL660 was only $20 more here, so it was definitely worth it for those two cups.

I have the 1000 Ninja. Though it took a couple of weeks to get the knack of the right about of juice, fruit and ice, I’ve been able to get 99% smooth protein drink. I still have a chip or two that gets caught in the straw…but it’s small price to pay for a really inexpensive smoothie blender.

I also purchased a squaretrade ext. warranty for insurance.

I purchased the older model of this blender from Woot a good three years ago. It too was a refurb and it still runs like a champ. When it shipped, the blade had come loose inside the pitcher, resulting in some scratches to the interior of the pitcher. Other than that, it works perfectly. We love it and everything we use it for comes out the way we expected. The blade is unique but it works better than any other “traditional” blender we have used. I will echo the other users’ comments about the sharp blade, it will take a blood sacrifice if you don’t show it respect.