Ninja Professional Blender

How many professionals can you fit in the blender?

Apparently not enough, bc those R&D “professionals” were forced to do a recall because the blade was coming loose when pouring and people’s hands were getting sliced and diced…cause everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. You know how it is.

Oh and lastly, before I bid thee all adieu till tomorrow, I ask:

Will my Sansa work with this?

(I hate to say it sigh but I don’t think anyone shopping on here these days would truly get the value of that question-it’s truly veteran territory.)

It’s ok. I’ll go back to my rock.

Some of us who understand the Sansa question are indeed still here…

My Sansa, running Rockbox, is showing a little age, but still kicking.

A great throwback to our old early woot! days.

Mine only came with two cups, not three. Otherwise It is a great blender.

Mine only came with 2 cups as well :frowning: