Ninja Professional Blender

I bought 2 of these the last time they were up on Woot, one for my father for his birthday and one for myself. Great product, great price! So glad I bought this blender, I love it!

They are factory reconditioned so there is cosmetic damage (minor scratches and such, not really that noticeable). Of the first 2 I received, 1 was too damaged to be acceptable (really deep gouge in the plastic on the inside of the pitcher).

I contacted Woot customer service and they got me a replacement and had UPS pick up the damaged blender. I am a very happy customer and this product is well worth Woot’s price.

Just used mine for the first time. Works as expected. The product was damaged and sold out so I couldn’t get a replacement. Woot took care of the issue by giving me a discount on the product. Overall I’m pleased with the experience.