Ninja Professional Blender

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Ninja Professional Blender
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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i require a PROFESSIONAL blender

I want the PIRATE Professional Blender.


These are freaking NINJA!

Do Ninjas blend?

A professional blender gets paid more than an amateur one, right?

I’m a f*ing ninja… Of the dance floor!

But will it blend?

Just a blender?

Bah. I’ve been hoping to see the Blender/food processor with mixer combo from a previous Woot make a reappearance.

While it looks like a nifty blender . . . it exceeds my casual blending and crushing needs for the money.

…will it BLEND?

…on a Mac?


…scaffolding… :wink:


I do not own a Ninja Blender. I do however own a Ninja Prep (the black one) that I got on Woot. The reviews and praise are all correct, that thing is one of the best damn things since sliced bread.


Get this, and put it in your kitchen. When folks come over, they’ll ask “do you have a blender?” You say yes. “Where is it?” It’s a ninja… it’s hiding in plain sight!

Bought mine a week ago on sellout woot. Same price. It just showed up today. Yes it is a refurb, but mine looks brand new. I highly recommend it/ I plugged it in and turned it on a what a ROAR!!! Sells in Target (new) for $99.00.

why does it say ponies
when i want to say b l e n d.

if woot wants to see some ponies
well then I post a link to the Little ponies/reggie watts FSS video.