Ninja SP100 6-1 Digital Air Fry Oven with Convection

RE: Cooking Elements

This is from our vendor:

Regarding the heating elements, the unit has 6 - 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top portion of the inner cavity and by design they are set to work depending on the cooking mode the user selects. The manual mentions that some of the heating elements will cycle on and off by design depending on the mode selected.

Has anyone heard back from customer service re: their issues?

@ThunderThighs thank you

I had a response from Woot that they contacted the vendor but there were no more in stock to send replacements, so I need to return my defective one for a refund. I would’ve preferred a replacement but c’est la vie.

I purchased one and mine looks brand new! Been using it almost everyday. I love this thing and got it for a deal!

I ordered this oven from Chaiet Club on June 23, 2020. It comes from China (like maybe you expected local, already?) I used PayPal, but did not create an account on their website for this, my first order – I later regretted not doing so.

I received an email confirmation of the order promptly and a few days later, I got a tracking number, which I dutifully followed in the weeks thereafter. (Most of the tracking is in Chinese, but there is enough that one can follow its progress reasonably well leaving China, arriving New York, and then USPS to me.)

On July 18th, I received under the tracking number a very small plastic envelope of…

wait for it…
wait for it…

five (5) face masks (unlabeled but of the N95 design type.)

So I wrote an email stating the issue. I got prompt replies, but I was asked to take pictures in order to prove what I had received!

(I have traveled to China and have been a part of business deals with them. When dealing with the Chinese over the years, I have found that you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Trust is not a big part of their business ethos, in my experience. Americans doing business in China soon learn this or get taken to the cleaners. But I digress.)

I was a bit put off and insulted by this, but not overly surprised (vide supra), so I dug the plastic envelope out of the trash and took pictures of it with its tracking number and of the masks as well. I put together copies of all previous correspondence and the tracking web page images.

I assembled an email containing all this in order to link for sure the order which I placed to the tracking number and the package I received. I also started an email folder with all of the back and forth correspondence, if I have to make a claim against them with PayPal. If so, I want to be able to present clearly a picture of what happened and my efforts to work with them.

At this point, I don’t quite trust Chaiet club. After all you only get one chance to make a first impression. But, to be fair, I give them good marks for quick responses.

OK, so mistakes happen, even to the best of companies and people. My contacts with them have been prompt and as such they don’t seem to be crooks as they did try to address my issues and get my order right. The long shipping and customs delays are not their fault nor under their control. Given current Covid-related shipping issues, the wrong shipment probably got to me about as fast as I could expect. Nor do I hold the language issues against them; no more so than if I were dealing with a non-English speaking European merchant.

So, probably against better judgement, on July 22, I decided to let the order stand and see if they can replace it successfully and make the order right with the proper unit delivered in hand to me and in good working order.

I was told to expect a new tracking number in 3-5 days. Now it is July 25th, but no tracking number as yet.

The jury is still out, as to whether Chaiet Club will come through. I will try to post an update later, if I can re-access this comment section for those who wish to follow this saga.

My advice is create an account on their website to make tracking and questions easier to pull up. Keep independent copies of all orders and correspondence. Use an intermediary payment method such as PayPal, etc., where you can file a claim if your order goes awry. Be patient. Don’t set unreal expectations as to arrival times. Be prepared for any issues if the order is unsatisfactory.

Chaiet? Cheap to be sure. But Amazon it ain’t.

@wjfreeman How were the quality of the masks?

The masks were typical N-95 like, and not especially impressive, except for the fact that at this point (Aug 4, 2020) that is all I have to show for $65 invested, which makes these masks $13 each. (Still no air fryer, nor any word as to whereabouts/shipment of my Chaiet Club order.)

I generally prefer this type of mask to have an aluminum strip on the nose bridge. Aluminum strips help make the mask better conform to my face and not ride up into my eyes. Cheaper masks without the deformable nose bridge strip are a pain to wear for any period of time, which is perhaps why you see so many people wearing their masks below their nose or worse yet just on the chin.

The five masks, which I received in lieu of my air fry oven, had that aluminum strip.

The ear straps are soft spongy plastic that are thermally bonded to the mask shell.

I cannot say how well they hold up as I have yet to wear on of the masks. As to filtration efficiency and protective value? Well like so many of these types of items, who knows?

Thanks for asking.

The rest of the story…

After much “geeing and hawing” on the part of Chaiet Club, I got my money back.

In August, I again wrote to them and asked about my long delayed order, which was supposedly in transit. In early September, the “order” was traced supposedly to my local post office for delivery. No such delivery was made, and the “order” was lost.

I then wrote to them asking for my $65.37 to be refunded. Chaiet wrote back and said, “…how about we arrange a refund 40 for you and we will keep a littte as our shipping fee? We have spent a lot in shipping this order to you.”

I promptly responded that their incompetence in fulfillment, labeling and/or shipment was not my problem, and I wasn’t going to pay them anything for it. Again I asked for a full refund.

They countered with another offer of “How about $50? We have to keep some costs.We have already paid for a large amount of transportation cost, customs cost and commission charges with shipment.
Hope you can understand. Thank you very much.”

Out of patience with these crooks, I submitted a claim to PayPal. A day and a half later, I received a message from PayPal, that I had won, and my account was being credited with $65.37. In all my years, this was the first time, I ever had to make a claim. Christians 1; lions 0.

The Chaiet Club website has since disappeared. Good riddance. But they are probably in business again under another moniker.

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BTW, the masks are unwearable. One cannot take a full breath while wearing any of these masks as they do not allow sufficient air to pass.