Ninja SP100 6-1 Digital Air Fry Oven

Ninja SP100 6-1 Digital Air Fry Oven

I have this on my counter right now. I use it several times a day. Toast for me, homemade pizzas for the boy… I’ve baked, broiled, fried…It’s a fantastic machine, and the flip up feature really does save counter space.


This has been offered at least twice before. I missed the first order and tried for a reduced price, but after months of haggling with those crooks, I finally got my money back from PayPal. When it came up again this past fall, I ordered one at the current price.

We have used our unit for a month or two now. It takes up considerable counter space, but will as advertised fold up. Generally we keep ours down, but put things on top (Keurig coffee tree and a toaster), which we move when we use the oven as the top surface can get fairly warm.

The unit works well. I like the large grid tray as it allows one to spread out things for better cooking. It does great for things that will fit, such as potatoes for French fries, toast, pizza, but the internal cavity is not high enough for much except things that are relative flat or can be made flat. So no whole chickens or even Cornish game hens.

The digital time and temperature readouts make the unit both easy and handy to use, but I have no idea how accurate the temperature really is.

One must be careful in using the unit as there is no easy way to get the trays out. One must use either a pot rag or tongs to pull the hot tray out of the unit. And the fact that the hot oven door folds down makes it a catch place for crumbs and detritus. So your counter must have this extra space available for loading (cold) and unloading (hot). The unit is fairly easy to clean however with ready access by removing panels – something that one will do only on occasion in practice.

Be aware that the menu feature of this unit while simple to use gets pretty dang old to use. It takes far too many button pushes and knob turns for most things. While it gets the job done, convenient it ain’t.

For many things, as a result, I still use our Avalon Bay 3.7 QT air fryer, which though not as large in capacity is more convenient to put things in and take them out. If I am defrosting a frozen roll from the freezer or just toasting something a bit, I often use the Avalon Bay machine as it is quicker and doesn’t have the complex set up in order to use it. It also doesn’t have any temperature/time readouts, but in practice they are not usually all that critical.

In truth, I have not really put this unit through it’s paces in using it to bake things such as cookies, or to make certain appetizers and entrees. On the whole, I am in no way sorry I purchased this unit from Woot!


I bought this for my mother because she felt overwhelmed by the number of appliances she had. This combined 2 into one and it heats faster than her oven.

She can also operate it with hands that aren’t strong anymore. She had a real tough time with a basic toaster oven (where you wind the timer) so I’d give this oven an A+ for easy to operate.

I’ve come over to clean it and I don’t even need to do the lifty bit because the tray on the bottom does such a great job at collecting crumbs. I used it once to dehydrate and made some tasty dried apples and blueberries.

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Can I ask how this ships? The USPS won’t deliver to individual apartments in my city, and the office of my building isn’t accepting packages. I’ve been avoiding going to the post office (or anywhere else for that matter) as much as possible.

These are refurbished. That’s a lot of refurbished on a new product. I wonder what refurbished means on all of these.

Can you have it shipped to a friend or family member close by and get it from them?

I often wonder the same thing but with the addition of a 90 day warranty, I’m willing to take the chance knowing that if it doesn’t work quite as well, I have an option to use that warranty.

They just came out with a new model of this oven that is taller. Perhaps people returned them in order to get the upgraded model. There is also the matter that-- at least on mine-- the top bulbs do not light up while making toast, but it makes toast just fine. Perhaps people returned them believing that it was defective? Maybe people bought them and decided that the lack of space inside was a deal breaker.

I agree that the number of offerings of this oven here seems a bit high but mine has worked like a champ since I got it and I use it every day.

My only issue with it is that if you like crunchy tenders, french fries or other types of potatoes, you will have to flip them while air frying or only the top will be crisp. In my old basket unit, you could shake it up and it was more convenient. When I first got this, I was a bit disappointed that french fries and chicken tenders did not come out as crispy and good as in my basket fryer but I guess I have gotten used to it now. The flip up option was something I really needed so I’ll live with the tradeoff.

The difference between this module SP100 and the SP101 is that they added a Keep Warm and Dehydrate to the SP101. They are the same size and accessories otherwise. It seems like a nice unit, although I might get the SP101 as Dehydrate could be a nice added feature.

Because of agreements with certain large retailers, a lot of appliances and electronics cannot be sold as new at a price below a certain amount. As a result lots of new unsold units magically become refurbished overnight so the manufacturer/distributor can get rid of excess stock especially if a new model is about to come or just came to market. Not saying it’s the case here but it’s a possibility.