Ninja SP100 6-1 Digital Air Fry Oven

Not a Woot person but these are 100% stainless steel.

Some folks report rusting but that isn’t the vast majority. Most likely that’s user error.


The Emeril version of this type of Air Fryer is severely underpowered…Takes forever to cook something…

This is 1800 Watts…How long does it take to cook wings for example…


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Been waffling on the “right” air fryer/convection for months now.
With this price and my fellow Wooters glowing reviews, I have officially pulled the trigger.
(Glad I didn’t get that $80 one a few days ago, I was close😅)


I don’t know exactly how long wings would take, but can tell you that everything I have made so far has been substantially less in time

I have not had any issues with the trays and they are nice and solid metal, no flimsy plastic

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Well I missed it this time, shoot. Didn’t pay attention that it was a daily deal. I’ll be watching for it to come round again.

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Go ours today. Looks brand new other than that the box was a generic brown one. It did not have a manual so here it is JIC anyone else needs it too:

Have croissants baking in it now. The time for the pre-heat to beep was pretty non existent (as mentioned above), but I wasn’t quite ready yet (expecting to need to wait some) so I threw a thermometer in it. Temp was pretty spot on.

May take a moment to really test this baby out. Need to clear some counter space to properly use it. I just threw it on the stove top tonight b/c I couldn’t wait to test it (and the croissants were about to pop it’s can)

:: edited to add ::

and the baking seems to be pretty even. One of the issues we have with our other ovens has been the back cooks more


received ours - was pleasantly surprised to see it was the SP101 model, not SP100. score.

small dent top corner (very small) otherwise looked new. came with the manual (which didn’t contain any recipes)


@gvencelov thank you for the manual!! Did you receive the SP01 or SP100

I just got mine - will check it out later today

Sorry for the late reply; it does seem I got the 101; from what I can tell the difference is having the “dehydrator” function, and mine has it :smile:


I want one now.

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They’re up today! Hope you saw/can get one!