Ninja SP251Q Digital Air Fry 10-in-1 XL Smart Oven, S&D

Ninja SP251Q Digital Air Fry 10-in-1 XL Smart Oven, S&D

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Not a toaster oven?

No man… Even better healthy and easier. Cooks you good with hot air lol way better

Reading is fundamental…

  • 10-IN-1 VERSATILITY: 10 functions include Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Dehydrate, Reheat, Temperature Probe, and Doneness in an all-in-one, powerful, 1800-watt appliance.
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I have one of these and I love it!

I have the non-XL version of this and really like it. It’s easy to set and cooks very evenly because it’s a convection oven. I’ve used it for nearly anything I’d cook in the full oven and it’s always worked great and cooked quickly.

If I have a complaint, it’s a bit slow for toast but it does at least toast pretty evenly.


It’s the best toaster oven you will ever own. This is a game changer. I never use the microwave anymore. You can make leftover fry’s taste good in 6 minutes of air frying, reheated pizza is BETTER the second time around bc I like it more crispy, and yes, it will also toast your bagels to perfection.


What is the difference in this and the 200$ mini ovens from Best Buy or Sp101 from Amazon?!

I have a nice ninja basket air fryer and I’m looking for something smaller to use to bake than an oven. Does this do conventional baking well? I’m going to use it to roast veggies bake cookies… things I don’t need to heat a whole oven for!

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I wouldn’t bother ordering this based on my recent experiences. I ordered a refurbished Ninja Foodi Grill 3-4 weeks ago and then Woot canceled the order after a week. Then last week, I ordered a refurbished Ninja Creami Deluxe Ice Cream Maker and Woot canceled that order a couple days later. Both times I placed my order within a few hours of the listings being posted, so it seems like Woot greatly over-promises and under-delivers when it comes to Ninja products. They didn’t bother to explain why the orders were canceled, nor did they respond to my email illustrating my frustration with them. In my opinion, the company isn’t nearly as good or reliable as it once was.


Thanks for the comments on here. I have been hesitant to purchase the refurbs but I am feeling better after seeing such positive feedback. With summer coming I want something that will cook pizzas too. My trusty gowise basket air fryer cannot. Will try to remember to post after I get mine.

I’m still new to this site, but from reading around and ordering a refurbed Ninja coffee maker, it seems like Ninja refurbs are really hit or miss on here. How the vendors QC them I have no idea. The first machine I got had a shattered Carafe, the unit was completely broken and leaked water from the reservoir, and was a different model to top it off. The replacement unit came in much better shape, but the water reservoir was broken this time. I’m sure the Carafe and Reservoir just broke in shipping, but with the way they were packed I’m not surprised. Still debating what I want to do.

Should also add I got a factory refurbished Foodi Smart XL Pro on Amazon a month or so back and it was in literal perfect condition, so if you see a batch of factory refurbished Ninja’s on here, they should be close to new.

I am available to be the Test Kitchen Taster. Hungry after a day in the grinder.

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