Ninja Stars!!! Those of us who only know ninjas through shirtwoot! probably have unreasonable expectations about their cuteness (high) and competence (slapstick).

Jersey Zip Hoodie is way too thin. Bought one last time around and I was very disappointed.

The T-shirt is decent though.

I was really depressed that I missed out on the unstealthiest ninja: when animals attack hoodie sale that time. So I got really excited when I saw the ninja week sale… but they don’t have it. :’(

FWIW, I have the Unstealthiest II (snow) hoodie in Men’s Large, and would love to trade for a Unstealthiest Flight School hoodie in that same size…

If anyone was hoping to get the snow one, ping me and we can work something out…

one of these things is not like the others

These hoodies are extremely thin. If you are thinking nice, fleece hoodie you need to reorient your thinking to really thin, cheap t-shirt material. Also, the image (white on black) for the Unstealthiest Ninja appeared to have been washed a few times as it was fading.

Love the art, love the concept, but the implementation is lacking in overall quality.

The jersey hoodies are, hence jersey; the regular hoodies are fleece.

More info

I love both Harantula’s and Unstealthiest Ninja t-shirts. Hoping for fifty stars this week!

Agreed on the way too thin part. I bought the Jersey Zip Hoodie and the zipper stopped working on day two. Flimsy at best but for $18 I shouldn’t expect much.

The jersey hoodie is meant as a lightweight jacket. I love mine for cool nights where short sleeves aren’t quite enough. I keep one here at work too for when I get cool.

But broken zippers aren’t cool so please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.