Nintendo 3DS XL Gaming Systems

Is this the New 3ds XL or the original 3ds XL? Specs show the new model but other photos are of the original model.

Looks like the old one. If you check the following link at B&H for the Supersmash limited edition model, it is missing the C stick.

Not a bad price for the 3DS XL, but a refurbished 2DS can be had for $60 from Nintendo.

Still find it odd these ship without AC adapters.

These are the original 3DS XL. Model numbers are:


where -REFA is added for refurbished.

Or a warranty?

You might want to modify the description; the older 3ds XLs don’t have native AMIBO support without an additional device.

If these are original, why are there New 3DS XL specs below the features?

[MOD: Fixed.]

You know those docks that some of us got? The USB to DS cable that came in the box actually works to charge the 3DS over USB…

Underlined are the features that don’t actually come with this unit.

3D Features

3D cameras - Take cool 3D photos and record your own 3D videos
3D viewing - Super-stable, face-tracking 3D viewing takes games to a whole new level
AR cards - View the six included cards with your system’s 3D camera and watch as characters leap into your world
Unique Controls

Circle pad - Allows precise 360 degree control
Touch screen - A touch-sensitive display screen controlled by the stylus
C stick - A control stick perfect for subtle movements
ZL/ZR buttons and L/R - Two sets of back buttons for more control options

amiibo compatible - Get bonus items and content, customize your character, and more when you use amiibo figures (like Mario!) with amiibo-compatible games
NFC reader - A built-in near-field communication (NFC) reader makes it easy to use amiibo figures with compatible games

Hey all

We’ve updated the features/specs to reflect the original 3DS XL.

If you already purchased, we’ll be contacting you with options.

Thx! TT…

What does 3D viewing mean? Does this not have the 3D slider?

The cameras don’t track your face position and automatically adjust.

So you MUST use the slider.

That’s what all those docks in our BOC’s are for!

Please sell Nintendo NEW 3DS systems. I shall buy one.

So this doesnt have an AC Adapter? What about the stylus, or 4GB SDHC Memory Card?

I’m checking to make sure on all of that. I know Nintendo doesn’t include AC adaptors with the NEW 3DS-es, but I’m not sure about the refurb 3DS XLs we’re selling. The good news is that they’re pretty cheap from a 3rd party on Amazon (as I have lost mine far too many times).

I recommend this deal, even for those wanting the new 3DS. I upgraded mine and it was a waste of money. With the exception of face-tracking 3D, none of the new features are worth anything, and the new layout is worse. For example, the power button is now incredibly easy to bump while playing and lose you progress, and the stylus starts falling out of it’s vertical slot in the bottom once it loosens up from being taken in and out a lot. The faster processor isn’t noticeably different, and highly detailed games still lag (ex, the Zelda 3D remakes).