Nintendo DSi Console Combo Packs

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Nintendo Dsi Console Combo Packs
Price: $89.99
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Does anybody know if they make docking stations for these? Acraigl maybe?

Odd that there is no discussing the “famous maker” tablet over in Computers, huh?

Stranger still… GPS, but no Bluetooth?

All sorts of useful info on the product page

Recently, the 2DS (the version of the 3DS that doesn’t have 3D) dropped in price to $99, just 10 bucks more than this is being offered for. For that much more, you can play newer games with more advanced graphics, and it has an analog stick/pad, which is way more comfortable than the directional pad. (Granted, it’s not quite to the level of the New 3DS XL, but at this point there’s only like two games that require that system.)

So yeah, not a great deal.

To add to your post, Nintendo of America is selling refurbished 2DS systems for $60.

[MOD EDIT: Different model (2DS); doesn’t include game, 7in1 Kit (black travel case, 2 stylus, earbuds, car charger, 2 screen protectors), Value Pack (6 game card cases, 1 stylus)]

I just hope everyone who buys this actually wants it. I can already imagine some poor kid who wanted a 3DS or a New 3DS and someone ends up getting them “That Nintendo DS thing”… that they already had.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s not a great deal, because Nintendo makes nothing for the DSi. It’s old and can’t even be bought new most places.

Just to echo everyone’s sentiments… you can not play the latest games (3DS/2DS) games in a DSi.

Randomly enough I got a Panasonic docking station from another deal site’s mystery bag. So, yes, they do.

Just shell out the extra $10 for the 2ds

I respectfully disagree about just spending the extra $10 for the 2DS. The 2DS is cheaply made and not up to Nintendo’s usual quality standards.

That said, I don’t think this is a good deal unless you know you’re getting an old system that is several years out of date.

Would these playthe old ds games… have a bunch of them…

Different model, but the 2DS is newer and much better, and can play all the games the DSi can. The DSi came out in 2008, the 2DS came out in 2013.

Both games are < $5 pre-owned at GameStop (Sims for $0.99, Littlest Pet Shop: Garden $4.99), though you may have to find a GameStop with them in stock.

You are getting the 7in1 accessory pack, and of course everyone’s complaint about the 2DS is portability, but the elimination of the hinge makes it much more resilient against children.

Both the DSi and 2DS would play old DS games. Neither will play games that need the GBA port (as neither have the port). Games that will not play include, but aren’t limited to: Guitar Hero, Easy Piano DS, DS Web Browser (but both have their own built in web browser), Ubisoft Fitness. (Also, some DS games have easter eggs when a game is plugged into the GBA slot, you would be unable to activate these).

A friend bought one of these recently for her daughter for her birthday. The kid was crushed (politely, in a way she obviously was trying to hide from her mom) when she realized it doesn’t play any of the new Pokemon games or anything else her friends were playing.

I’m surprised to see negative comments about the 2DS - my son broke his 3DS so many times that I stopped having it repaired when it wasn’t under warranty anymore, and I bought him a cheap 2DS like his little brother had. I think they break a lot less frequently because they don’t open and close. If you’re an adult or have an older kid or even a graceful kid, by all means, get a 3DS (not a DSi) - but the 2DS has stood up way better to my rough-and-tumble guys.

…I would totally buy a game called “Spaceship Repair Shop”.