Nintendo Pokemon Platinum

Nintendo Pokemon Platinum



I have received three fakes from here, the first two of which were verified as fake by the Reddit r/GameVerifying community. The third I’ve also identified as fake based on the previous two verifications.

If you receive a fake, contact customer support and ask for your money back, DO NOT GET ANOTHER!

Identifying an authentic card:

  • You cannot hook your thumbnail on the down arrow of the card.
  • Nintendo logo on label should be black and transparent (background should go through it).
  • Label should be clear, not fuzzy, and colors not washed out (top of picture should be black, not purple).
  • Fonts on “The Pokemon Company” and ESRB logo should be correct (compare against a known authentic or reddit community for additional help on this one).
  • The rear PCB (above the connector pins) should not have “M8”.
  • The 4 digit product code should match the beginning of the stamped number on back. (Platinum’s is “CPUE”).
  • Fonts on the “Nintendo” and “NTR-005 Pat. Pend.” text on the back should be in the correct font (compare against another cartridge or reddit community for additional help).