Nintendo Switch – Gray Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch – Gray Joy-Con

seriously though how am I so good at like forseeing these events?

Um, factory reconditioned for that price? no thanks


What will you take for just the controller?

Did you know they’re coming out with a new Animal Crossing game for the Switch? I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BAD! But this is definietly puppy money.

like maybe I should get into the business of sixth senses, maybe I could get some suckers people to pay me

what’s wrong with your controller? do you just need an additional?

theres a newer version of the switch with better battery life for like $300. >>

They’ll take $264.99 + tax, and throw in a free Switch. :wink:


Need another for mario party. No drift on our joysticks yet.

If you buy within like July 24th to now, you can send it back to Nintendo for a new version with the better battery.

I remember reading something like this (please do research first). Since it comes with a Nintendo warranty, I’m sure you could persuade the CS rep at Nintendo that you got this from Amazon and it was totally official.

Got VOPed…I don’t like VOP, I’m a Dapper Dan man…Dang it.

actually, i read that nintendo was denying that story was true.

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Thanks for making me laugh!

Yeah leave it to games journalists to report on fake stories and then double take everywhere and leave the original articles up with no corrections.

So big brain of them.

But you’re right

I’m actually quite impressed that there is a one year nintendo warranty on this refurb

They want nearly new item price on most used items. Basically you have to browse Woot like a job to get any deals and I got tired of it. I went from spending thousands of dollars here to nearly 0.

the only way i could see it happening is if you were able to return and rebuy at the store itself. BB, Wallyworld, etc

Or just go to all deals and sort by newest. Check it like once a day or so.