Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

I already have one

Darn, too much, got to the checkout screen was hoping itd be 75

Wrong price, Woot. It’s supposed to be $50 or less. It’s in the rules I just made up.


Well we asked for the Switches and we got them.

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I was hoping the email was an error and itd be 2- $69.99 ones

What’s with the steep price increase?

I am waiting for the handheld only version this fall

Lunch break!

what a steal! I love mine, worth buying if you haven’t gotten one yet!!

it needs to be at least 3x cheaper or bigger

I paid $40 cheaper then this within the first 3 months of release at retail…

They are selling though.

Hmmm, @ThunderThighs

How interesting would it be to find one of these in the first BoC of the day. I wonder who that First Sucker was.

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I am hoping to get one in my BOC!

Umm, lemme guess…

its not a bad price, but price match and cash back sites bonuses are your friend on a lot of tech items

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I think it would be more appropriate for the First Sucker of the first LE bag of the day.


with the amount they sold 10% off theres a decent chance they might